HELP! UTI symptoms not going away :(

Hi everyone. This is my second post on here but please bear with me whilst I explain. (If you have time please read my first post for a better understanding)

I had sex with my partner on Tuesday the 24th Jan and two days later woke up with UTI symptoms. I’ve suffered with these in the past so knew the signs, phoned the doctor who prescribed me some antibiotics. I have taken these for a full week now and my symptoms haven’t cleared up.
I have constant burning sensations, discharge, pain in my back and side, and a frequent urge to wee yet when I go to the toilet I can only manage to squeeze out a little bit of urine at a time. I haven’t bled with it this time round but I’ve been stuck on the couch with a hot water bottle in between my legs just to help reduce the sensation.

I was under the impression that I was due another smear end of last year but when I went, the nurse wouldn’t take one as she said it was too soon and that I needed to wait another year. Even after explaining my ongoing symptoms and previous smear test results.

My health has just been deteriorating since the birth of my daughter 11 months ago. I was diagnosed with anaemia (which I suspected on my last post) but iron tablets have not improved this as I had my bloods retested this month and they have gone worse not better? I have just been diagnosed with chronic gum disease too :woman_facepalming:t2:

Has anyone experienced similar symptoms? Should I be worried?
I’ve got a doctors appointment later today but I’m worried that they will just fob me off again. Feel like an ever revolving door going round in circles with no answers or escape :frowning:

Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thank you xx

I too have been experiencing these symptoms,I have the symptoms of a UTI and pain in lower abdomen and hip pain. I had a lletz in September which removed cgin with clear margins,I spoke to my GP and she didn’t seem worried so would be great to know how you get on xx

Sorry to hear you are going through the same thing. I had LLETZ treatment nearly 3 years ago which was apparently successful after a 6 month follow up. But I’ve been on a downward spiral since then really. My body feels like it’s giving up.
Not sure if this is a symptom but I also have really tender breasts, like I’m pregnant but 100% not.
The doctor prescribed me some more antibiotics for the suspected UTI, to take over the weekend, but she said if I haven’t improved by Monday she is booking me in for an ultrasound on my bladder. The urine sample she tested this morning came back clear so she’s a bit perplexed as to why I’ve got the symptoms.
Currently lay in bed with a hot water bottle hoping it will just pass.
Will keep my fingers crossed for you too and hopefully update with some positive news in the coming days ! X

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Yes that would be great to have an update. Oh wow,I too have been experiencing tenderness in my breasts :thinking:,and like you,the last UTI symptoms I had came back clear also. I shall be discussing this at my next smear so when I have an update I shall let you know asap and it would be great to hear how you get on too,just want some answers now xx

I.lm just checking in to see how you got on at your doctors appointment on Friday and if you managed to get booked in for a scan? Xx

Hi! So sorry for the late reply. I didn’t end up booking in for a scan as thankfully my symptoms passed and I didn’t want to waste anyones time, typical me really just plodding on through it.
Unfortunately though I’ve been spotting slightly in between periods which has never happened to me before. My periods are also incredibly irregular at the moment but I’m not sure if this is just hormonal after giving birth a year ago.
I was due my next smear which I had done on the 11th of April (even though previous nurse told me I wasn’t due for another year) but the nurse said I had quite a bit of discharge and couldn’t see my cervix so may need to be retested.
I also told her that quite recently I’ve been having pain during sex, I’ve had this previously but the past few times have nearly drove me to tears, she said this could also be hormonal.
Not sure what is going on with my body but I’ve still not had my results through and it’s driving me crazy.
Just hoping it comes back clear and I don’t have to be retested. If so then I’ll just have to deal with my symptoms some other way !
Thankfully my partner is as understanding as he is. I hope you are or have had your symptoms sorted by now. Xx