Uncomfortable to pee after biopsy


So I’m 48 hours after having a colposcopy and biopsy taken. It’s feeling a bit weird like something is up there. I’m not sure if that is normal? It is also a bit uncomfortable when I try to pee, stinging a little when I pass it. Just wondering if this is normal or anyone can help? It’s hard to know what to expect after these things and didn’t get too much advice.

Hi Lucy! 

I had lletz on Tuesday and I I need a wee more and it stings when I go! 

I've heard a few say this after biopsy and lletz so maybe it's the norm! 

Hi Lucy

I felt the same after mine! Actually almost felt like the start of a water infection! Drink plenty and try some paracetamol :)


Thank you both! Appreciated. You have no clue what normal should feel like. Obviously I'm expecting it to feel strange but concerned I'll get an infection of some type!

Keep an eye on it and go to the doctor if it really doesn't feel right! Always better to get checked :) they won't think you are being silly! I didn't feel right for a week after biopsies. Couldn't put my finger on it, just not quite back to normal.

Charlene x

Hey:) you will have anything from fatigue to cramps, spotting, aches, & clumps come out of you (gross, but it's the solution they used to stop the bleeding). Maybe you feel that in there still.