anyone with severe abnormalities actually been cc?

Received results of smear seed reluctant to tell me results until I saw tje screen with my results of there anyone that this has been tje case for and it been cervical cancer? Xx

Hi klee24

Yes this was the case for me and I did have 1a1 cervical cancer which


was encroaching on the blood vessels but it was found early and cut away


needing only regular check ups.

Ok thankyou for your reply. 

The doctor was very reluctant to tell me it was severe and avoided my questions when I asked the chances or possibility of it been cancer..I have been asking for many years for a smear as I didn't feel right in myself since having my daughter which is coming up 7 year ago but they wouldn't do it as I wasn't 25.

I feel a sense of relief that it hasn't just me being paranoid but its a waiting game as to see the extent. 

Its a very worrying time and just want it sorted as I need to get back to been a mum instead of worrying about this

In my experience I found noone would commit to a definate answer unless they had it in black and white infront of them! 

Whats the next step for you a colposcopy? Every one says try not to worry but I feel we are not informed enough which means we obviously worry. If 

you would like to know what to expect or if you feel I could help you in anyway please feel free to Pm me.



Kirsty xx