posted a long time ago about symptoms now i have my smear result servere abnormalities

Hi all im looking for some advice and honesty. I posted here just over a year ago with concerns and about the doc refusing me a smear 

because of my age.

Since then its like i knew something was wrong and i was too scared for someone to find it as so much time had passed by.

I had my smear just under 2 weeks ago i came home to the results today severe abnormalities, im devastated i knew something was wrong

and iv known for years, now im terrified,

I know severe abnormalities dont mean cancer.

But has anyone had a severe abnormality that ended up ok and i want honest about the other side of things too, severe abnormalities that turned out being cancer

Hi Natalie

I had sever abnormalities and panicked like mad.  In my panic I spoke with several friends who had also had severe abnormalites and had had treament and were absolutely fine.  No more issues even years later.  I was one of the unfortunate ones.  I had a Lletz and it revealed a tumour.  I had 1b1 Cervical cancer.  I had something called a radical trachelectomy and I am now right as rain now! from dignosis to treatment and being back on my feet it was just 8 weeks!  I have MRIs and smears to make sure all is well still.

It is HIGHLY likely that you can be sorted out quickly and easily for sever abnormalities. it may not feel like it to some of us, but cervical cancer is pretty rare and in all likelyhood you will be absolutely fine.

Out of interest what symptoms do you have? And when is your colposcopy?

Hi Nellie

My symptoms abnormal bleeding, pain bleeding during intercourse. foul bloody vaginal discharge, this year i have had issues with my bowels and bladder. And docs say i have IBS.

Im preparing for the worst anything else is a bonus x

Just wanted to send my love and wish you all the best with whatever happens next. I had severe abnormalities that turned out to be 1a1 cancer, which is very easily treated and i got away with just having surgery and preserving my fertility. Like Nellie said, although it may not seem it, it is still very unlikely that you have cancer. That said you seem to be approaching it the same way i did and i think that's a good thing. Let us know how you get on and if you need any advice feel free to send me a message :). Big hugs xxx