Colposcopy 5 days ago

Hi everyone,

i had severe cells detected on my smear test. I was called in the Next day for colposcopy. They did the lletz and biopsies straight away. I am absolutely terrified. I am sleeping but can hardly eat. My mumdied of cervical cancer aged 37. I am 32 with a 4 year Old. I have not felt right for years been back and forth to docs mainly extreme exhaustion and bow im sure this is why :-( I don't know how I'm going to cope this waiting game is killing me

Hi La,

its a horrible time right now. The not knowing is awful and your mind will be cruel to you. When is your appointment? All you can do is just try to push away those negative thoughts until your appointment. As they'll consume you.  I've also been told that cc is not hereditary, so don't let your mind take you down a dark path thinking the same is happening to you.

i was told that they act super quick with abnormal cells and whilst this feels unsettling it doesn't necessarily mean the worst. I did get diagnosed, but at an early treatable stage. 

I wish you all the best. Keep strong and push all those negative thoughts away!


Hi gilly

thanks for your reply. I haven't got a appoi yet just having to wait for a call or letter telling me if it's bad or not. I have everything crossed all is ok. It's only been 6 days so still got ages