Anyone having a radical hysterectomy in the next couple of weeks?


I'm having a radical hysterectomy next tuesday (26th) and i'm wondering if anyone else is in the same position?


Hi Meraud

I know a few of the ladies had the op recently and I had a radical hysterectomy end of last May. Even if there isn't anyone due in the next few weeks there are plenty (including me) who can help with advice through this. 

Think the last time I replied you were feeling a bit down waiting for all the tests and staging. Hope you are feeling more positive now you know it must be early stage. If you have any questions please feel free to ask, and wishing you all the very best for your op xx

Hi Meraud,

Have you had a read through the Hysterectomy in Early 2019 thread? Not sure how to link,  but it's in the treatment section. A few of us have recently been through hysterectomies.

Hope your op goes well- I know the anticipation and worry is awful. 


Thanks for your replies. The waiting for results was the worse and it's been such a relief that there is no sign of any spread.  Now surgery is happening so quick I dont have time to get stressed about it. I'm more stressed about the thought of injecting myself for 28 days with anti-coagulants. I will have to do it with my eyes shut! 


Hi Meraud,

I have a radical hysterectomy including ovaries planned for 4th March. I am 51 and was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma on 25th Jan. Following an MRI this was staged as 1B1 on 1st Feb. The waiting between the initial diagnosis and staging was by far the worse time in the process but the wait for surgery is also stressful. I am trying to carry on with life as normal but it can be difficult at times.  Facing surgery is also worrying but hoping that in the next few months I will be on the road to recovery.  

I am sure all will go well for you next week. 


Hi Tarpeydee

My diagnosis has been a very long and drawn out process. It's been 6 months since my initial positive smear. I still dont really have a definite diagnosis and i'm not staged.  They haven't been happy with the look of my cervix since the first lletz. Apparently is it very puckered and misshapen like something is pulling it up from the inside. Hence the scans, which found a 1.3 cm lump in the cervix. My consultant is pretty much sure it is cancer, but wont know what type until they get it out. 

I understand what you say about trying to carry on life as normal. I can do that most the time but i feel like my brain is only running on half power or something. But I'm philosophical about it all. I'm glad they found it and now they can treat it. I'm 45 and have a grown up child so I dont think it's nearly as horrendous for me than for some of the women on this site who are in their 20's and 30's. 

Your wait for surgery is a little longer than mine and I hope you dont find it too stressful. 


Hi meraud,

Just had mine yesterday. I'm hoping it's curative and no further treatment will be needed. Recovery has been less difficult than a cesarean for me. Best wishes to you. 

Hiya Steph

Wishing you a speedy recovery! 


I have one coming up soon but it hasn’t been scheduled yet.  Hope everything goes well for you. 

Hi Carriet

Thanks. And i hope you get your date through soon. Waiting is the worst. 

Well, it's postponed until next week because i've got a cold and i'm full of snot.