Hi All,

I was finally staged officially yesterday as having CC 2b2.  I'm going into hospital to have a radical hysterectomy within the next 2 weeks.  The consultant says he has to send my lymph nodes off to the lab after the hysterectomy to determine whether I will need Chemo.  However during the meeting yesterday I forgot to mention that I have a holiday booked for 14th August - which is 13 weeks away.  Do you guys think I will be able to go?  I'm going to try and speak with the consultants/staff today and ask their opinion.  I dont really want to cancel my holiday - my little boy is so looking forward to it - and so am i!!!!

Hi kazza

im surprised you are having a radical hysterectomy as usually it is chemorad for stage 2. If you start treatment it is done within 55 days, count at least 2 weeks to feel a bit better and a vacation should be ok. I cannot comment on surgury but if you manage chemorad ok then you should be still ok by mid August. 

Hope that helps abit. 

Thanks Lolli, I was surprised myself when I met with him yesterday.  I'm just looking forward to get a date and get booked in. xxxx The initial date they gave was 8th June - but consultant says he wants me in within 2 weeks - so now I've got to wait for him to cancel some operations to fit me in. xxxxx

I was told I wasn't allowed to fly for a few months after treatment. Seems everyone gets given different advice. X

I've just spoken to my MacMillan nurse and she says I will be fine as it is 6 weeks from date of surgery.  She said to dsicuss it with consultant when I'm in having operation - but she says that is the norm.