Radical hysterectomy confirmed

Hi all,
Yesterday had a long appointment with the consultant and he was fab, he examined me and then was able to explain why they aren’t sure if I’m stage 1 or 2.

The plan is a radical hysterectomy with lymph nodes 10/15 of them removed but due to previously having a c- section said my bladder would most likely be cut and repaired during surgery.

If however they find the cancer is a stage 2 whrn they open me up, the surgery will stop and I’ll have to have chemo amd radio.
It will be open surgery snd not until the end of November unless another hospital can do it sooner. 6 weeks of waiting. :flushed:

My appointment was excellent yesterday and I feel so positive albeit anxious about the pain during the recovery and also the fact he said I will need to isolate after surgery to avoid the risk of covid. :weary:

Anyone else had an open radical hysterectomy lately? How soon were you up and about?
Thanks x