Stage 1b1 radical hysterectomy planned

Hello ladies

i have been reading for quite a while but not posted before.

So radical hysterectomy is now happening. They have catered for my holiday to Great Yarmouth next week with my grandkids so I can run round with them as I wont be able to after for a while.

i have been very calm outwardly about this all but sleep has not been good and I've read EVERYTHING on the internet about it.

my youngest daughter gets married in Cyprus end of October 8 weeks after my operation and I'm worried I will still feel bad then :(

they have assured me I'll be able to fly and swim by then but I am still worried.

im a teacher and off work at the moment giving me way too much thinking time lol

Hi Bonnie

I had stage 1b1 too and had my op on 8th October last year.  I had a vertical incision as I had a large cyst on my ovary and a fibroid on my womb so your recovery from keyhole will be a bit quicker than mine was.  Believe me, you will be ok after 8 weeks to fly and swim like they said.  Even with my op I was able to do quite a lot after 8 weeks so you will be fine.

Yes, thinking time isn't great is it.  I worked right up until the day before my surgery as I wanted to keep my mind occupied but unfortunately you haven't got much choice.  In my spare time I used to do loads of reading and I really got into meditation and listening to relaxation cd's - they helped tremendously.

I slept badly too and took a herbal sleeping aid which helped.  A lot of the ladies on this site have sleeping problems so you are not alone.  And like you, I read everything I could about it, just felt I wanted to be prepared.

Just be careful post op that you don't try to run before you can walk.  Baby steps building up gradually.  No bending and lifting, I bought a pick up stick just in case I dropped anything.

I'm now almost a year on since I was diagnosed and I feel good.  I have my 4 monthly check up tomorrow, will have a MRI in November and another vault smear next April but all has been good so far.  It's no walk in the park but it's amazing how well the body heals and the time soon goes by.  And just for the record, the op wasn't half as bad as I thought it would be.

If you have any questions etc please don't hesitate to ask.

Hugs, Cheryl,xx

That's a relief Cheryl, thanks for your response.



Hi Bonnie,

I second everything that Cheryl has said; You'll be fine, don't run before you can walk etc. etc.

If you have too much thinking time then find yourself a nice, fat, unputdownable book.

The sea round Cyprus should still be delicious for swimming in October, so have a wonderful time, you deserve it!

Go Well