Anyone else have hpv 16 with cc

Hi ladies

I was just woundering how many of you ladies have hpv 16 with your cc. I am sorry if this is too personal i was just woundering. I know that hpv 16 causes other cancers as well so dont know how to feel about this. I worry about getting all the other cancers too.

Thank you and God Bless :-)

Hi :)

I've never had HPV mentioned to me in my hospital appointments so I don't know if I've still got it or not and which type of HPV it was/is however I remember seeing a post on here from a lady who managed to get tests arranged (similar to colposcopy but for the other areas that get cancer linked to HPV) so maybe you can try to get tested if it is worrying you.

Are the other cancers so closely linked to HPV as cervical cancer or is there a lower chance of getting the other types?