Does most HR HPV turn into cancer?

Hi everyone.
I’m feeling a bit numb at the moment. I go through bouts of happiness (my punch biopsy came back clear after a year testing positive for HR HPV and abnormal bleeding) they found a polyp within my cervix. However, I’m still HPV HR. My gynaecologist wants to talk to me (I’m scared about what he might say, even though my results were all clear). I’m now thinking back to the ONS’s I had and hating myself. I’ve found this forum very helpful as although i don’t have CC and I know I should be grateful, i feel ashamed of having HPV and my husband doesn’t understand or is purposefully not talking about. I’ve just brought some AHCC from Amazon for over £60 and i’m hoping it works. What I find confusing is that gp and nurses tend to give genetic advice about 80% of women having it within their lifetime but I’ve read that that 80% refers to all types of HPV and that in actual fact only 40% of women have the HR type which is more likely to lead to CC. I’m super anxious and wonder whether others in similar situations have used medication to control their anxiety? I think need it. I’m also worried about BJ’s now (sorry TMI :blush:). I remember the GP made me feel dirty when I asked about oral sex and said ‘that’s not for me to advise’. I feel so isolated, dirty and sometimes I can’t face my kids. Am I over reacting? Is anyone else feeling this too? Is there any coffee groups where people can meet up and talk about this openly? I don’t have many friends and no siblings and I can’t tell my parents. Is 43 too old to get vaccinated? I hear Superdrug offer the vaccine. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you and blessings to all of us beautiful ladies. Xxxxxxxx

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Hi @Alice2

Most high risk infections wont actually cause any harm… compared to those who are infected by HPV, HPV related cancers are quite rare, statistically over 99% of women infected with HPV wont receive a CC diagnosis in their lifetime with mens HPV related cancers being much rarer, fortunately as less than 1% HPV cases turn into cancer, HPVs low and high risk categories are named as such based off what they are most likely to cause (low risk: benign growths or high risk: precancerous changes) and how likely they are from eachother to give its host cancer rather than being named based on how likely they are to give us cancer

“What are some short and long-term effects of HPV?” -

Your not over reacting at all, we all deal with things differently, it doesnt matter where we are in this journey the unknown is freaking scary! Your feelings are valid and please know, YOU ARE NOT DIRTY the GP was wrong to make you feel that way xx


Many thanks for your response Tinkerbell. Your words are comforting and made me recall what my consultant advised me during my punch biopsy. He said something along the lines of, although it is rare for HPV to turn into cancer, it is the main cause and he is a HPV expert. He also said provided you are monitored you should be fine. I cannot believe how anxious this has made me feel. I’ve brought some passionflower extract online to calm me down. Has anyone tried this? Does it work?

Hi Alice, sorry to hear you are struggling. I too have become very anxious since I found out I was HPV+ last year. It has significantly had a negative impact on my mental health. I have put off my smear this year for personal reasons, focusing instead on boosting my immune system - I’m just not ready to go yet. I have just taken 2 Superdrug tests which came back negative. I am not sure if the supplements etc helped but I am pleased none the less.

I am a little younger than you and looking to get vaccinated very soon. You can be vaccinated up to 45 privately. I believe there isn’t much evidence to say that the vaccine can clear an existing infection.
Science seems to vary around natural antibodies after infection or being reinfected with the same strain so I feel it is worthwhile to get vaccinated to prevent future potential reinfections.

Please don’t feel dirty about your past experiences. I too carry shame with me, and I know it is hard.

I do not know specifically about passionflower but I believe it is used in the Rescue Remedy products which I like.

Such a lovely message. Thank you for taking the time to respond. Things have moved on a bit for me. I had my NHS smear result recently and it came back HPV negative. However, I’ve heard they are not 100% accurate and I cannot risk not being seen sooner. I think I will book a private annual smear just for my own peace of mind. Great news that your tests came back negative. Is it an easy process doing the test yourself? I’ve been taking ADCc and that vagina gel. Man are they expensive and I’m popping every vitamin under the sun. It pisses me off how us women have to go through this. If it was a blokes issue, I’m sure there would be far less stigma. Sending everyone on this chat blessings and good luck xxxxx

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You’re welcome, I think this forum is helpful for not feeling alone
I found the Superdrug test very useful. It’s a swab like a tampon rather than a brush. It has clear instructions.
I too feel there is still a huge stigma! It’s so frustrating.

I hear you on the pills! Is the gel you’re using Papilocare? I’ve been using it just under 2 months
3g AHCC about 3 months and various other supplements for about a month. Just trying everything. Thankfully I’m in a position where I can afford this stuff OK. Cut back on a few things but nothing major so know I am lucky x

Hi yes, I’m using Papliocare. One a day, although not when I’m on my period. Not sure if it’s working tbh. It has aloe Vera listed as an ingredient, which is good. It’s expensive but so is everything related to Hpv.

Yeah that’s true! It’s trying to make sure it doesn’t leak out after applying especially as it is so expensive. Have to laugh about it as the alternative is crying.

Hope you’re doing okay :heart:
I’m now thinking about next steps. Still don’t feel brave enough to go for my actual smear but may wait a couple of months and do another Superdrug test. I know the test is different to an NHS one but it is just a little bit more peace of mind.

I just can’t face going through the system at the moment, as daft as that sounds x

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