will i be tested for hpv

Hi there,


I had a smear test last week,  and wondered if they will test me for hpv?

I would like to know if i have hpv so that i can be vigilant, but if my doctors surgery dont do it, will i have to have it done privately?

I tried asking the nurse at the doctors surgery but she just brushed over it and said dont worry.

Can anyone advise me please?Frown


Hugz to everyone x

Hello hun,

Yes they should test you for HPV if your smear comes back as abnormal - this happened with me! I didn't even know what HPV was until I actually had my smear. I wasn't aware I was being tested for it either until I got my results. So they will more than likely test you for HPV, but maybe contact the nurse who did your smear just to double check if you have any concerns.

Hope this helps & good luck with your results!! :)


I actually replied to this post but for some reason my post isn't there?! Lol

I had said, you will more than likely be tested for HPV if your results come back as abnormal. I had never even heard of HPV before I had my smear test & they tested me for HPV on my very first smear test in October. I have the high risk type HPV. Hopefully they will test you too :) contact your GP or nurse just to check if you have any concerns! 


Thanks daniSmile, i hope they do, i'll give them a ring.  Although im beginning to wonder if its better to know or not. If my smear comes back as normal maybe its better to not find out about hpv....i am a born worrier! Embarassed xxx


hugz xxx

In fact the whole hpv subject is scary and confusing Frown xxx

Lol awh I know.. I think we automatically just associate the HPV virus with cervical cancer - when most of the time that's not the case. It's very rare for anyone with HPV, even high risk HPV to go on to get cancer. Especially if you're in their system where they keep an eye on you :) I was gutted when I found out I have the high risk HPV.. But plenty of vitamin C will boost my immune system even more lol I have a pretty good immune system & very rarely ever even have a cold! So fingers crossed my biopsy results come back normal.. 

I'm a born worrier too lol but I just look at the positive sides to things now! Life is too short :)

If you do get any info, keep me updated :)

hugs xxx

Hi Dani, just wanted to update you!


Well after a lot of unpleasant symptoms , i my smear test came back all clear. this is my second test now, i had one last year too. I went for 12 years without going for a smear test, which i can't believe i did.   I decided not to find out about the hpv just yet but be aware and want to have yearly tests now and keep a healthy diet too - i took notice of your vitamin C post and it reminded me to keep on top of eating fruit and veg!Hope all's going well with you too Smile big hugz xxx

Hello hun! Awh good to hear :) so pleased your results came back normal! I wish mine did! My biopsy results showed 'CIN1' the lowest grade of abnormalities - they decided not to do any treatment and just referred me back my gp in 12 months time for a repeat smear, so hopefully I would have cleared the HPV by then and my cells are normal again :) fingers crossed! Again, really pleased for you hun!! Hugs xxx