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Hope you're all doing OK?

Read this if you're interested in HPV.................

Those Ladies like me that have been diagnosed with CC will know how many medical professionals you will see on your journey! Not one person mentioned HPV to me, not one! In fact I only know about it from this site! So, after my diagnosis & subsequent hysterectomy I was chatting on the phone to my cancer nurse & I mentioned HPV & did I have it? (I've posted this bit before!) & she read through my notes & said nowhere does it say that I'm positive so no, I don't have it......I said but nowhere did it say I was negative??? She assured me that I'd been tested & I was negative..............

On 8.7.15 I had my meeting with my Oncologist who did my hysterectomy & I again brought up HPV.  I asked did I have it, to which he replied "yes but so do I & so does the nurse!". So I said have I been tested then & he said no!!! He went on to assure me that it wasnt really anything to worry about etc, ect!!!!

This just wasn't sitting right with me, him just pressuming I had HPV so, I paid to be tested privately & I have the results back today:



HPV 31 33 35 39 45 51 52 56 58 59 66 68 NEGATIVE

Now I know I could of had it & it cleared but surely I should have been tested before he confirmed I DID have HPV when I DON'T!!!!

Clare xxx


Hi Clare :-)

I think it's just yet another case of people assuming that 99.7% = 100%, which, if you are looking at a group of ten people it does, but if you are looking at a group of a thousand it doesn't. He was trying to be kind and reassuring without understanding that rare cases like to be acknowledged. Happens all the time.

Keep smiling :-)

Thanks Tivoli hope you're doing ok?

He actually said to me does it matter if I have it or not!!??!! Well seeing as some strains of HPV can cause a slight increase in the chance of other HPV related cancers developing, yes it bloomin well does!!!!! xxx

I'm doing just fine thanks ;-)

Oh don't start going down the probability of getting other cancers road, it's no good for your head. Go to all your follow-up appointments and tick them off like a good girl. You'll be closely monitored for the next five years so if anything does crop up, it should be spotted early enough. I know just how hard it is not to worry about a recurrence, let alone throwing other cancers into the pot as well!

Be lucky :)