anxious developments

I wonder if any one has had the situation that I am currently in and can give me advice/support. I have been going to our Nottingham hospitals for the past 12 years 6/12 monthly with borderline/mild changes which went back to normal a couple of times and then became abnormal again. This continued until last Jan when I had a severe result followed by 2 loop excisions, one in feb, one in June. It turns out that the abnormal cells are hidden in the canal and not on the surace of the cervix The one in feb did not have any abnormal cells the next one did - but did not have a margin of normal cells. We decided that we would leave this and check at a 6 month smear. This has now revealed that there are still abnormal cells - still severe and the advice is to move to a hystorectomy. I am fine about this and expected this to be straightforward now op....but I visited hospital today and now I have been asked to have an MRI - precautionary - so that they can just be sure that there isnt cancer hiding further up although it was added that I don't have much cervix left. Also this can guide what kind of operation I have and helps them work out if I can have keyhole or full surgery. I have been fine about this all last year - it all felt very clear and controlable and now feels a little less clear. Not sure what this all means? Might the abnormal cells be something to do with cancer in the womb? Feeling very anxious although they were saying they don't expect any cancer. If loop is 95% effective I seem to be going into a smaller and smaller percentage of not successful. Sorry my anxiety is running wild tonight....


so sorry you are going through this worry. I didnt want to read and run on you. I have seen a few other posts from ladies with recurrent abnormalities. It must be dreadful, I have certainly struggled with one colposcopy and lletz so far! Hopefully one of them will come along and post soon.

Do you have a date for your MRI? Hope you don't have to wait too long


Hello sweetheart,

I believe I am right in saying that it's fairly standard procedure to have an MRI before going for the hysterectomy. This doesn't mean they have suspicions they aren't sharing with you, it's more like having a glance at the road map before setting off on a long journey. A hysterectomy is a big operation and not a thing to do just for fun ;-) So I expect they want to check to see whether it is absolutely necessary (or avoidable), and if there is anything else they should know about before going in there.

It's sounding as though your abnormal cells are CGIN which are the glandular cells further up inside the cervix, so harder to see in the first place.

Be lucky