Terrified and Frightened

Hi all first post. Went along today to the colposcopy clinic and was told i have high grade abnormalities. The dr was very dry and at no point showed any reassurance in my direction. She completed her examination after taking multiple biopsys. She also completed a check using her fingers in my vagina and also my back passage, is this normal?

I have had loop treatment around 12 years ago and had clear smear tests continuously until this one.

The dr today when i asked if i had cervical cancer told me that she is going on the basis that I do as thats worse case scenario and will no more once the biopsys are back. She gave me a 1-2 week time frame.

I am panicking, shaking and freaking out beyond belief.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated


Hi Lynsey. Welcome to the site, but sorry to find yourself here. What a very strange approach your Dr has in gearing you up for the worst case scenario before any results have come back. The worst part of all of this is waiting for results, but most folk on this site will be telling you that there is no point fearing the worst until you know for definite what lies ahead. Easier said than done I know, but nobody knows anything for certain at this point. If it does come back as positive for CC then this is the site to be part of as there are lots of women on here who have been through different types of treatment and can take you through it step by step. It is a very treatable cancer as you will see if you read a lot of the posts. But for the time being, until you know otherwise, think  best case scenario! Sending big hugs to you x

Hi Rachel thank you for replying i have ended up with 2 threads and don't know how i managed it. 

After the colposcopy i went to the GP who gave me diazepam to try and came me down as i also have asthma and couldn't get a breath. 

She went through some information with me, back in october i was hospitalised with pnuemonia so at that point all my bloods were done and nothing was off or untoward. I also had a chest Xray done which again there was no signs of anything else. 

I suffer from back pain and I have since 2008 but she pointed out that my smears have been clear since then as well. 

Her educated opinion was that it is localised. 

I am up this morning after little sleep straight back to shaking and panicking.


In a nut shell i dont want to die. I am terrified. my son is 5 years old.