New, scared and struggling

Hi, I was searching on google which by reading everyone's comments on here im not alone to get more information about the shock news ive had this week. that being i have high grade abnormal cells going for a colposcopy on the 12th march, i found this site and was hoping talking about how im feeling might help me. I am so so scared i suffer from anxiety and panic attacks but havent had any problems for years but since this news came up i have been a nervous wreck. i have two young children and im struggling with everyday life. my husband i feel doesnt really understand what im going through. i have tried to talk to him but its not helping. i keep thinking the odds of me having abnormal results is slim then me having high grade was even a slimmer chance and i keep thinking that tho the chances of me having cancer is again slim in the cervix  im worried i might have. and even if i dont what lies ahead of me with regular tests and panicking over the results every time i have them is going to cruah me. i really dont know how to calm myself down.

hi saztag, i didnt want to read and run. i have also had the high abnormal cells. i have had mine removed now via lletz procedure. which is the next step after colposcopy. and honestly hun its really not as bad an experience as you think its going to be. and if you let them know when you get there that your a bit worried they will take it into accout. Dont think cancer! the colposcopy is just to determine what grade the changes are exactly so they know what step to take next and to see how big the area is thats changed. this does sound scary, and no matter what anyone says it is a scary time for any1 going through this but the people on here are fab and will always lend an ear when you need to talk or answer questions. i know how your feeling too when it comes to your partner. no matter how understand they are or good listening it is hard to get the right sort of support from them when they have no way of really understanding. and they also cant possibly know how scared your feeling. bare with him lol. can pm if you need to hope this helps. x

I too really stuggled to keep myself calm and get through everyday life!! (found out my smear results 4 days before xmas!! - what bad timing). I feared as i too have 2 very young children aand kept thinking the worse! my advise would be to try not google it couldnt tell you the amount of hours i would spend scaring myself on google! After 3 weeks wait i finally had my coloscopy and had the lletz done there and then the dr was very professional and helped calm my nerves! (if needed the lletz really isnt bad at all and is done with in no time the whole appointment including a sit down and chat first etc was 20 mins!). Try keep busy i found doing puzzles/ reading helped me take my mind of things a little - Good luck x

thank you both of you for your support, sorry not been in contact in a while my husband went into hospital and been trying to sort all that out. least i have had lots to distract me which has done me some good. 2 weeks today to go til my test counting down but least its nearly here. i will definitely tell them on the day that im nervous your right will help if they know what im like thank you, just have to try to keep calm and wait i think it will be the days leading up to it that i will be nervous. x

Hi there, I also received my smear results showing CIN3 I went for my colposcopy on monday

tge consultant said he would do treatment that day however he took two biopsy's and I'm now awaiting those results, I know I need treatment but because if where my CIN3 is 

I do beleive it'll be a cone biopsy that they'll do to remove them, I requested I be put under for this purely because I found the colposcopy emotionally and mentally draining for me

the consultant was an awful man and his whole attitude from start to finish was disgusting! Keep you're head high and keep busy iv found that helped me xx


I received the same results following my smear test. And like you I have suffered anxiety in the past.

I stopped taking sertraline about a month before This all happened and now I'm considering re starting the tablets to help me through all this anxiety during the wait.

I had my colposcopy and lletz on Monday, and I honestly found it a breeze, largely I expect due to the fantastic doctor and nurses who were really understanding and realised how scared I was... especially since I started crying!

Now I'm just waiting for the lletz results.

I can't help you much I'm regards to finding ways to calm yourself down as I'm in the same boat, just wanted to say you're not alone in what you're going through right now. Hugs xx