Anxiety over screening next week (HPV positive last 2 times)

Hey all,

Just looking for a bit of solidarity/reassurance. I've been going to my screenings religiously since 25 - they found high risk HPV the first screening I had, but no abnormal cells. Second year, they found the same thing again - HPV but no abnormal cells (I live in a HPV primary screening area). It'll be my third 'yearly' screening next week, and I know that they ask you to have a colposcopy if you have high risk HPV three years in a row. I'm feeling so, so anxious about this and that they're going to find something.

I just wondered if there were any stories anyone had of normal results after colposcopies? I have a history of health anxiety anyway, as my mum died from breast cancer, so naturally I'm terrified of developing something.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Staringspace,

Deep breaths and big hugs. You'll be fine i'm sure.

Colposcopies are practically the same as a smear but just to check a bit more thoroughly. The use a camera to have a closer look.
I have had it done twice since i was 25.

My most recent was my smear showed CIN1 and high risk HPV, but when i had my colposcopy to investigate, no CIN was found at all (biopsy was taken), and just hpv changes. So they put me back on 3 yearly checks.

If there was anything really bad, then the smear would pick it up and you would be rushed through the system.
With your colposcopy, it will just be a precautionary by the sound of it. Just to double check.

Try not to worry. Easier said than done i know.