Anxiety over LLETZ

Hi everyone hope you are all well and safe x
Just need some reasurrance and advice really. So abit of background - I had my first smear 3 years ago which came back all normal. Fast forward to the next smear Aug this year, and it comes back as HPV positive and low grade dyskaryosis. So October i had a Colposcopy and they took a punch biopsy, consultant said she was pretty sure its CIN1 but doesnt want to be 100% sure until results come back. Yesterday i received a letter stating its CIN3 and theyve booked me in 5 days time for a LLETZ procedure under local.
I feel really overwhelmed to be honest, its been a constant wait to get answers and they seem to be getting worse and worse with each letter i receive. I also suffer with very bad anxiety, so its been hell. I was so panicky during my colposcopy I struggled to sit still for the consultant and the biopsy was really painful.
My questions are should I ask to be put under general instead? What should i expect on the day? Is it really painful? Is the local anesthesic needle painful?
Ive read up alot on CIN3 and still concerned they are going to find cancer or the procedure wont work. Im 28 also is common for this age range? I feel like im doomed. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks for reading x

Hi @Ziggy5098

I had pretty much the same happen to me, low grade smear but a colposcopy biopsy upgraded to CIN3 its definitely a shock to the system… it does sound like general would be more comfortable for you i had mine under general, the gyny and me decided it would be best since i couldnt keep still… you should have already had a local when you had your punch biopsy so it will pretty much just be the same stinging

If a punch biopsy has confirmed CIN3 and they havnt mentioned they are looking for an invasion its unlikely they would find anything more than CIN when you have your treatment, it took around 9 weeks to complete mine, it didnt make a difference in my cells and i only needed the 1 treatment… CC is alot more common in over 30s usually around 35 so your age does make a big difference when it comes to cervical cells xx

Hey thank you for your reply! Reading this has helped. Im going to call the Gynecologist tomorrow and ask if i can go through general, I dont remember them giving me a local during the biopsy! She didnt say anything about me having it, I just remember her saying that shes going to take a biopsy then this awful pain.
Are you all clear now? Xx

They do have to numb the area before taking a biopsy that will have been the pain you felt, if she didnt she wants sacking lol but i did find general alot less stressful, the worst part with that is just waiting for them to take you in lol

Yeah i had my follow up test of cure smear in september and got the all clear HPV negative so im back on the 3 year recall now :slight_smile: xx

Thank you for clarifying because i didnt even know! Though she didnt explain a lot to me at the time I do think she was frustrated as i couldnt sit still because i was so anxious. Thats amazing news also you must be so relieved :blush: x