LLETZ procedure today and looking for some advice or someone that’s been through similar

Hello everyone, I’ve been reading your posts and information in the last few weeks waiting for my LLETZ procedure (which was this morning)
A bit of information about me , I’m 32 have two children age 15&11
I’m always up to date with my smears as my mum passed away from cancer when she was 35 (not cervical but still feel it’s very important for me to get checked, as is everyone)
. My first smear test was abnormal low grade & HPV - 2018 had Colposcopy told to come back in three years
To September this year abnormal smear, sent to Colposcopy within weeks which was great , told at that appointment it’s was low grade CIN1 & HPV and nothing to worry about… so I didn’t worry.
Then rang the hospital to find out results 3 weeks later (moved house , changed doctors) so rang them , they sent my results via email
High grade CIN3 & HPV and booked in for LEETZ which was early this morning, all went well , bit sore now , like period pains nothing to bad.
The lady said it all went well , and will have any results in 3/4 weeks and a follow up in 6 months ? Is it really that simple? I felt a bit played down in my Colposcopy when she said everything was fine and only CIN 1 to then find out it had gone to CIN 3 a bit of a shock , will it be the same with the LEETZ results? Or are they being honest with me ? I sound so distrusting now , I suppose they don’t really know until it’s been looked at in the lab ?
Sorry to ramble on x

Hi @Bunnylove13

Its so confusing when we get mixed results, i had a low grade smear and a CIN3 colposcopy biopsy so its natural to be distrusting of it all, the results from my LLETZ were the same as my punch biopsy… but yes it really is that simple :slight_smile: there have been a few woman who have had to go in for a second treatment if they dont get what they call clear margins but its alot more common that the first LLETZ removes everything its supposed too

More often than not they can tell by eye what grade the abnormalities are, but it really is more of a guess as it can look worse than what it is or less than… the only real way to know the actual grade is through a biopsy/LLETZ, i think thats been more the case rather than that theyre keeping something from you xx

Same here. Had borderline changes then was found to be CIN3.


I had the same at my first colposcopy was told it looked really minor after a smear said low grade changes. It came back CIN3. I had a repeat colposcopy & biopsy today (6months later) and the consultant (different one) said he could tell it was CIN2 or 3 this time. I will most likely need treatment but results will confirm. So I think it’s quite common for this to happen.

Take care. X