Another Hospital Appointment 2nd time

Hi All, I had a smear test last year and got my letter bak to say i need further investigation so had an appointment on the 17th December 2012 for my 1st smear test at my local hospital and they said i had borderline changes to my cervix, nothing was done but was told to come back in 6 months for a Second smear test at hospital due back on the 17th June 2013 and im just wondering what happens if its still borderline will i get treatment this time or be told just come back in 6 months yet again?? Im a worrier try not to be but can't help it im a mum of 3 kids and want to see them grow up. :(


Anyone been thru the same as me??


Thanks for reading.

Lynda x


I’m new too, our stories are a little different

but just thought I’d send you a little


It is worrying but keep positive and make sure you stay intouch with the professionals, there are tests etc that they can do and if that puts your mind at rest the n can’t hurt asking. Speak to close friends

about this, don’t sit in silence. I know what it. feels like to feel like your being told your worrying over nothing… That does not help anyone! I’ve found this site a real helpnto me. The women on here are amazing and they are so strong. Reading
thier stories willhelp you,it has me. I just hate the fact it’s under this dreaded stuff and not something pleasant.

ever need a chat that’s good with me. We all here. 

Thanks for your message i like to talk to people who have been through the same or similar as they know exactly where ur coming from. Men get it so easy eh they don't need smear tests and poked and prodded lol, tho feel im lucky as some women have cancer and i dont so thats a positive thing just feel dirty and embarssed everytime i get smear test or go to hospital for a check not nice eh.


Im from Edinburgh where u from?




I’m in Kent , right at the bottom! Lol being on here is a wealth of good info, it’s just a shame it’s from poor womans experiences.

Try and keep pos, and keep reading through the forum you ll be amazed at the strong amazing woman on here, they are great 

I know how you feel. This is the 2nd time I have had to go through this and even though I have had 5 children and am used to being poked and prodded I hate going for a colposcopy. A smear test I don't mind. I don't like them but they are over in seconds and my practice nurse is a lovely lady but a colposcpy is so undignified and when I had mine done another doctor just walked in and was chatted to the one doing my examination. I felt so violated. I am telling them that nobody else is in the room this time or I will kick off big time!


Yeah i would'nt like that chatting away to each other, i just hope when i go back next month this will be the last time cross my fingers xx