Called in t hospital for results

Hey everyone, This is my my first time posting but I’ve been reading lots of people’s experiences since mine began that have really helped me.
I’m 29 years old and have two amazing children aged 10 and 7, I had my first smear at 26 which came back completely normal, I had my second one on June 2nd this year and received a letter a few weeks later saying I had hpv and high grade dyskaryosis and an appointment at the hospital 7 days later, I arrived at my appointment and saw a lovely consultant and the most wonderful kind nurses who explained I was going to have the lletz treatment which I found quite traumatic as he kept having to pull my cervix over to get the edges, the consultant said he had taken a biopsy but I would most likely hear from him in about 4 weeks telling me to book a smear in 6 months this was 3 weeks ago and today I had a phone call from the consultants secretary saying he wants me to come in this Friday to discuss my biopsy results and to bring someone with me. I’m just so scared, is it certain he’s going to tell me I have cervical cancer ? I can’t imagine anything else, every story I’ve read by other ladies seem to be so strong and brave but I just can’t stop crying, I had to leave work because I am just so upset I can’t seem to calm down. Thank you for taking the time to read x

Hi Heidilkx

So sorry you find yourself in this scarey situation - it’s the fear of the unknown which many of here are so familiar with. Our minds can take us to the worst places in such situations; try and stay away from Dr Google because he is sure to scare you even more and it’s probably best to keep away from the cancer sections of this forum for now - they do contain some of the worst experiences. Many women have relatively straightforward experiences of cervical abnormalities or tiny non invasive cancers which are easily treated/cured and those ladies are unlikely to be on this forum. Even some women who have invasive cancer at stages 1 and beyond come through treatment fairly unscathed and again they are unlikely to be on this forum.

Btw this cancer lady isn’t any braver or stronger then the next one it’s just that I ran out of tears. Where you are right now is about the worst for emotions but you’ll find the strength to deal with whatever comes your way and there’s lots of here to support you if necessary.