Worrying after borderline result

Hi all, I am new and this is my first post. I am hoping that some of you can give me advice or reassurance after my borderline results I received in the post this morning :(

I know I am maybe, being silly, but it's really worrying me and I can't stop thinking or worrying about it.  I am 33 and had my little boy back in August 2012. My previous smear taken November 2011 was normal. I went and has my 3 yearly smear the day before xmas eve and have been worrying about the results since then.

The letter I got in the post said the results were borderline but no HPV was detected. It said that I was to go for my next smear in 2017.

Should i push for an earlier smear as this one was borderline? I have had some bleeding after sex and sometimes get lower aches and pains when I am not on. I am not sure if some of these are down to wind, as since having my boy, I seem really bad with it.

I was pretty bad and been googling all day and it's probably not helped me :( I know they says borderline can be caused by different things and will usually go back to normal in time. I was wondering if the fact I am breastfeeding may have something to do with it, or the bath I had before I went for the smear could have caused it when I washed with shower gel down there....

Any people with advice or reassurance would be nice to hear from :)

Hello Sweetheart,

Normally a borderline result will sort itself out all by itself so if the people who have analysed your test have said no smear for another three years then I think that is a very good indication that you have nothing at all to worry about. Having said that, in Greece they prefer women to get tested for everything every year, not every three years as in UK. I believe I am right in saying that if you want a test sooner than the NHS wants to let you have a free one then you need to go private.

All the best