Another abnormal pap

Hey. In may 2019 I had an abnormal pap CIN2/3. Got a colpo done onto LEEP procedure in august 2019. I never got a call. Called them they said if they didn’t call your fine. November 2020 new dr (military) they sent me a little letter saying everything is fine. Fast forward to last week. I had a Pap smear. I got the results they are CIN1. They called me today and scheduled a colpo for next week. I thought after a LEEP recurrence is minimal. With no transparency or records (I’m getting them tomorrow lol) from the other place I don’t know what to think. Anybody go through this?

I had cin3 leep procedure febuary this year, got told to have a cure smear in 6 months i went and got my cure smear in september i got the results yesterday and i am still hpv positive and have abnormal cell change so i have to go back to colposcopy