Am I worrying over nothing?

On Saturday I bled ever so slightly after sex. It was a bit of fresh blood on wiping. It only happened that once and has not happened before or since. I had been quite itchy down there and had been scratching quite a lot prior. I had a little bit of brown spotting on wiping on the Sunday and started my period on Wednesday (my periods are a bit all over the place). I called the doctor as I’ve had a few issues and mentioned it and she wants to see me in a week to check my cervix. She said having a normal smear in June 2019 was very reassuring but I’m still getting anxious about her wanting to see me. Does anyone have any advice that will put my mind at rest. Many thanks in advance x

Glad you only have a week to wait to see your doctor. If you are itchy it sounds like you may have a fungal infection which has made the surface of vagina, which could cause the tissue to be ‘friable’ and bleed. Your GP needs to take a look. Please try not to panic in the meantime. The chances are it is unrelated to the periods and is something easily treatable. X

Thank you so much Jacks. I know really that it’s gonna be fine. I just have these panics that she’s gonna say she will refer me further. I know this is highly unlikely though.

All was completely fine! Phew! Just a couple of swabs taken. I can now relax