worrying over nothing??


i had an abnormal smear just over a year ago, results were mild changes and hpv positive and was sent for a colposcopy where i had a biopsy, results came back ok and told to have check ups every 6 months. well got my reminder letter about 4 weeks ago but didnt make an appointment as i had my period (my first 1 in 2yrs) which lasted 2 weeks and was very painful. was just going to make the appointment when i started bleeding again, could this be a sign of severe changes or am i being silly??



Hi there,

I think we all worry when something changes with our health so you're not being silly. I'd suggest making an appointment with your GP and talking about the bleeding, especially if you haven't been having periods. Unless there's a good reason why you haven't been having periods (ie mini pill) I think that's worth talking about too, as unusal not to have regular periods. If they are just starting again, this could be the reason for pain and heavy bleeding. (For instance I'm on Cerazette and don't have periods. When I took a break and the periods came back, boy did I suffer.) 

I'm obviously not a doctor though, so do see yours if you can.

Take care and all the best.


thank you for your reply. like i said im probably worrying over nothing but have made a docs appointment today. in regards to the period problems, i have the nexplanon implant which after a couple of months stopped them completely and still have it in so thats why ive been concerned. fingers crossed when i go to the docs they will tell me its nothing to worry about and i can stop stressing. x 


It's understandable to worry, that's normal. Have you seen your doc yet? How did you get on? Hope it was helpful. 

Take care x