Am I worrying for nothing?

I’ve started experiencing bleeding after sex during the last two weeks. I’m really stressed about it and have been googling away which is just the worst thing to do I know! 

The first time this happened was a couple of days after my period ended so I put it down to that but the second time I was just passed mid cycle so don’t think it’s af. Also had bleeding and passed some small clots after a BM yesterday, sorry TMI! 

Since the second bout of bleeding I’ve also started to feel really bloated, full and lack of appetite. I’m booked in to see my GP on Monday but I’m so anxious and making myself ill with all the worry. Did anyone else experience similar symptoms the fact that it’s come on so quickly has worried me. I’m not on any form of contraceptive and my husband has had a vasectomy so it can’t be pregnancy. I also had a smear at the end of Sept which came back as no HPV. 

Please tell me I am worrying over nothing?


Hi Bopobecca! 


I have a cervial ectropion, which means the "inner" part of the cervix is creeping outward. That inner skin is very fragile, so I bleeding during/after sex. I was also very worried and also googled things, I only felt better after I went in and got a pap and colposcopy (both benign). While not super common, cervical ectropion happens most commonly in women of child bearing age. I hope this information is helpful and provides a perspective that, while abnormal bleeding should always be checked at the doctor, it's not always cancer or a serious underlying problem. I hope you find peace when you finally get to go in and receive your results!