Am I over thinking?

Hello, everyone!

I just had a quick question and wanted to see if anyone has come across similar. I had my LEEP done 7/29 for CIN2 changes, had clear margins and recovery was actually very easy (minus the fact that I started my period a few days after my procedure and it threw my cycle out of whack and caused heavy bleeding/clots- I was not told this could happen but after my own research discovered multiple women that this happened to due to starting your natural cycle so close to the operation).

My gyno put me back on birth control pills when that happened (had been off of them for m maybe 4 years?) and they worked great, had zero issues after that bleed. I ended up running two pill packs together to “skip” that first period while on vacation, it of course only worked for about a week and then I had a period anyways as is normal for trying to skip, very annoying lol

Now, however, I am on my scheduled withdrawal bleed/ period and am using pads still. Its been 8 weeks since my procedure so I know I can use tampons again if I chose to. But im so nervous to I dont know why? Has anyone else felt this way? I saw my gyno on Tuesday for a follow up ( he didnt look inside) but he gave me the okay for regular activity now, tampons included.

How do I get over this fear I have? Anyone have any advice for me :confused:

Hello I had the same feeling was scared of using tampons again but it was summer and on holiday so I just had to or the other option was to stay indoors and not go for a swim and it was very hot
So I did it and no issues at all. I am sure you will be fine. Good luck

Thank you for your comment, I appreciate it so much. I feel like it is such an irrational fear, especially since it’s been 8 weeks now! But I have health anxiety so I keep thinking I’m somehow not healed, which is ridiculous I know. I just need to get over it I guess!

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