LEEP results are in!

Hey, everyone!

I just wanted to post that I had my 2 week follow up appointment today with my gyno. He doesn’t do a pelvic exam yet as he said it’s rather soon, I got back in a few weeks time for that so that he can make sure everything has healed up properly.

We discussed how I went to the ER on Friday for what I felt like was excessive bleeding on the last day of my period. He said unfortunately that can happen sometimes as it adds excess stress on the body from the procedure itself. So I’m praying that doesn’t happen to me again! But just wanted to add that in there in case anyone reads this now or later on and needs that comfort.

He did have my pathology report back and let me know that the procedure went great! I got clear margins and the LEEP biopsy showed it truly was only CIN2. He also checked the cervical canal again and all was clear there also! What a relief!


That’s fantastic, Jackie! Your great news and positive attitude will inspire other women going through the same thing. Let’s hope it’s all good for you from now on. X