First smear at 25 resulted in LEEP procedure, need help/ advice please

Hi guys, i am new here and am currently just had a LEEP procedure done 4 days ago to remove high grade abnormal cells. the doctors left me with little information regarding recovery. I have had absolutely no bleeding so far which im not sure is a good sign or not?, Im wondering when i can return to exercise and running again? i have seen some posts saying 2 weeks and some that say 6! wondering what other womens experiences were with returning to exercise and other things? thanks so much in advance xxx

For me, the bleeding didn’t start for about a week and then it was actually my period starting early and very heavy. I had all sorts of weird discharge ranging in color from yellow, gray, black, red, pink, brown. And all kinds of weird funky smells that would return even after I just got out of the shower. After a couple weeks the discharge was either pink or light brown and at four weeks it stopped and the smell left too. No sex for four weeks after leep, and I’d say no exercising either to be safe, also limit alcohol during this time as much as possible and no baths or swimming. You are at risk for infection and bleeding if you push it and I’ve read a lot of stories where women felt fine after their LEEP so they went out drinking or got back into exercising or even walked too much and ended up bleeding too much and having to go to the hospital or back to their doctor to have it cauterized or have monsel’s solution applied. Keep an eye out for heavy bleeding, and signs of infection like mucusy sour or rotten smelling discharge, green discharge, bad pain, fever. Just be easy on yourself and rest, you will have time to do everything you want to do once you’ve healed.

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I had LLETZ (and high I believe is very similar to LEEP) yesterday. And I have no bleeding at all (just a little on the day when I wiped myself). But nothing since! I’m panicking that they haven’t done it right and it won’t have done what they needed to do because I’ve seen so many people on the forum say that it was the most horrific thing they’ve ever experienced and they’re bleeding and in pain… I’ve had nothing! Maybe could say I feel a bit bloated but that’s it!! Has anyone else been absolutely fine the day after?

I’ve been exactly the same! I’m on day 5 and haven’t had any bleeding only a bit of bloating! I thought the same myself but I have read it may be some people recover quicker than others, or maybe less cells were taken out, because I remember them telling me it’s only a little group. That’s only a guess tho! But I am the same as you :blush: