Has anyone experienced this?

Hello, everyone.

I had my LEEP procedure last Thursday, so just over a week ago. A couple days after my procedure I was due to start my period, and I did start this Monday- so today is day 5 of my cycle.

I have had a pretty normal period from what I can gather considering I’m used to using tampons and am now obviously using pads. I have had a few instances today where my flow seems to be heavier than what I’m used to for day 5 of my period, however. Just like out of nowhere I can feel a small gush if that makes sense? Sorry if that is TMI. Granted, I typically have pretty light periods as it is. It of course is making me worry I might have something wrong. I called my gyno and spoke with his nurse who asked if I was soaking through a pad an hour, in pain, any fever…all of which the answer is no. She said some heavier bleeding can be normal after the procedure and what I described wasnt anything to be concerned about. I even asked if I needed to come in and be checked and she said no, that the bleeding can be expected. So I’m trying to calm myself down about it, I’m such an anxious person as it is. Today just threw me for a loop as it seems to have come out of nowhere compared to the last few days.

But has anyone experienced this? Heavier bleeding around a little over a week after procedure? Any insight would be great. Thank you guys :heart:

I had cold coagulation rather than the leep, but I just wanted to say I’ve had something sort of similar - maybe not exactly the same, but kinda in the ballpark, and I actually rang the Jo’s Trust helpline as I thought it would be quicker than trying to arrange for a phone appointment with my GP.

I wasn’t deeply worried, but I just wanted some reassurance and I was basically told that everyone is different so there’s literally no right or wrong or exact timeframe for the healing process - unless the bleeding is really excessive or there are signs of infection.

I had nothing for a couple of days (make sense as cold coagulation cauterises), then the clear discharge started. Then things get hard to know what was going on - I started bleeding, but my period was due four or so days later, so either it upset my cycle (apparently common) and it came early, or it’s just part of the healing process (also possible). I’m leaning towards it being my period because it was heavy - heavier than normal for me.

But then it stopped after just a couple of days and I didn’t know what to think. But a day or so later, I was bleeding again and I’ve bled ever since (a full week now when my period would normally only be four days max and that’s not counting the two heavy days at the start), albeit sometimes just spotting. It has become more like end of period blood, sometimes dark/rusty, but a couple of times when I’ve thought it was ending, I’ve had like a small “gush”, although I suspect it’s actually the discharge and just tinged with blood.

The Jo’s Trust expert basically told me that a period affects the healing because it disturbs the area, and then the period can be affected just because of the upheaval of it all - the physical treatment and the stress of it all.

I thought I’d get off lighter because I had cold coagulation instead of leep, and maybe in terms of amount of discharge/bleeding I have a little as apart from the first two days, I could have got away with one pad all day if I wasn’t changing them just for hygiene. But that aside, it seems the healing process is actually broadly similar.

I kinda wish the guidance for afterwards was a little more accurate though - I understand everyone is different, but I feel like it was downplayed to me which is why I’ve been very impatient to still have no sign of it all clearing up. The only thing I was actually told at the hospital was no sex for two or three weeks - well, it’s been three weeks and I can assure you there will still be no sex lol. The rest - no baths, swimming, or heavy exercise - I saw online mostly seeming to refer to after leep, but followed it anyway as it made sense and it estimated up to four weeks, but that also seems to be conservative given the common reality. The Jo’s Trust expert said it could be six weeks or longer - I’d rather have known that upfront than worry things are dragging on longer than they should. Plus, just mentally I’d be more prepared for the long haul - it looks like I’m going to miss out on fully enjoying my first ever holiday with my bf which, given that I’ve hated having to put all this on him in a new relationship, really sucks.

I agree with everything you said. I also wish I would have been given more information for recovery from all of this and what to expect.

I started bleeding heavily yesterday evening, I typically have very light periods so it was extremely startling to me. I had my husband take me to the emergency room as I started to really freak out.

Everyone was great there. The doctor on staff in the ER was very helpful and made me feel more calm, there was even an OBGYN on staff upstairs in the labor and delivery department of the hospital so they had him come down to check I was okay. They even contacted my gyno’s office in the middle of the night and got in contact with his PA for advice. He had me do a regular ultrasound and a vaginal one as well to make sure nothing was going on, everything there came back good. Did blood work to make sure I wasn’t becoming anaemic and that my hemoglobin was at a good level, all of that came back perfect as well so I guess I wasn’t losing as much blood as I thought. Even though it seemed like quite a bit to me.

He then did a pelvic exam and said my scab was still intact, no signs of infection, nothing that looked concerning. I asked if maybe I need some Monsel solution added or cauterization for the bleeding but he said no, that it appeared the bleeding was coming from higher up signifying I was having a heavy period. He also said the LEEP can throw things for a loop and disrupt cycles as it is stressful on the body and something “new” going on down there. Which makes sense, it was still terrifying nonetheless. I still feel a little freaked out because I’m worried about it happening again but praying it won’t be as bad. He said it could be like that for a few days and if I start feeling worse to please come back in.

I seem to be okay now, the heavy bleeding has definitely slowed down. But boy, what a night. No one tells you about the possibility of these things happening. I wish I would’ve known.

It is so much tougher especially mentally, than anyone prepares you for and yet everyone seems to acknowledge it after the fact!

Actually, when I wrote my first reply, I was having a Saturday morning lie-in, thinking that maybe the end was in sight for me and as soon as I got up, I had a real flood of blood - although it seemed like old blood, so may have pooled up all night or something making it seem worse. Even so, more than I thought I’d be getting three weeks after treatment.

I know I should suck it up and things could be a lot worse, but I think even after speaking to an expert it is that tiny nagging voice asking if this is really OK that’s hard to deal with!

Exactly! I was told I could have watery discharge, period like bleeding, some cramping, etc…well when they say “period like bleeding” I was comparing it to my own period. Super light. Not a heavy period with gushes where I’m trying to get to the toilet so as to avoid a mess. It wasn’t until last night was I told this could happen as it disrupts the cycle.

I always try to tell myself “this could be worse” which at the end of the day is true. But we are entitled to the way we feel, I feel like we go through a lot with these procedures and all the unknowns as we wait the weeks to be healed.

I forgot to mention, apparently when the ER doctor was on the phone with my gyno’s PA they mentioned to her that I guess my LEEP biopsy results came back good and clear (no cancer). And she asked if it was okay if she passed along the good news to me, they said she could. So at least there’s that.

I’m glad I went to the ER just to get some peace of mind and make sure I didn’t have an infection or anything like that. I’m trying to stay calm and relax today. Take it easy and not do much of anything so as to hopefully avoid any further anxiety, Lord willing!

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