All happened so quickly, too many questions, LLETZ aftercare.

Hi Guys,

So I’m new to the forum but have found it so so helpful in the last few mad days after a shock CIN3 result after smear and next day colposcopy.
I thought I would describe, in detail my experience for anybody else, experiencing the same and then ask some questions, you might be able to help with.
So basically I had a smear last year, was HPV positive with no abnormal results.
This year, almost a year to date I was booked in. The procedure, as always was very uncomfortable but was told I had cervical ectropy and that’s why I always found smears painful.
I wasn’t worried. It had only been a year since my last smear and all my previous ones (I’m 29) had been fine.
On Monday I had a phone call from the hospital urging me to come in the next morning so ‘The doctor could have a look at these cells that had moved round’ At first I thought, OH it must be the ectropy or something, I asked the lady to give me more detail but she said she couldn’t and I should have had my results in the post, which I hadn’t. I agreed to the appointment, thinking it was just a check up. I rang my GP for more detail and he said I had come back HPV positive with severe dyskaryosis and the doctor would perform a colposcopy to decide what I might need doing. He was very kind and light-hearted and although I was worried about my high-grade changes, nobody seemed to be worried. I tried not to think about it and got up and went to the hospital.
When I arrived a consultant told me before I even undressed that he would be performing LLETZ. I was hysterical and totally un-prepared, however the nurses were all wonderful and helped me to relax and get on with it. The procedure wasn’t AS bad as I thought. The initial speculum was as uncomfortable as ever (I have some intense vaginismus in a speculum setting) but again the nurses were great and despite the needle for the anesthetic being quite possibly one of the weirdest and most unpleasant things I have ever experienced (not nessesarily painful, just very very weird. Reminded me of having my abdominal stitches removed) I had a quite a strong reaction to the local and shaked violently and had a racing and I mean zooming heart. The doctor gave me another shot without adrenalin and I calmed down. After that I felt nothing of the LLETZ at all. It was much quicker than I thought and the nurses were fantastic, holding my hand and chatting to me about my holiday.
I was asked, when I was ready to get dressed and they made me and my mum and brew and said I could sit in a side room till I felt well enough to go home.
I had to grab the staff nurse and ask her about aftercare as they hadn’t said anything and were preparing for the next lady. She was astounded that I hadn’t received anything prior and when I explained i had no idea I was even coming in for this, she kindly talked though a few things, like the no sex/swimming/tampons for 4 weeks, advised I didn’t go back to work for the day and avoid heavy lifting and exercise for a while and then a few of the signs of infection and we went on our way.
It was all rushed and, although the procedure itself wasn’t as scary or painful as I might have imagined, had I had time to worry, I feel as though I wasn’t prepared for it or given any real advice afterwards, so if any of you guys can help out with a few questions, whilst I spend the next 4-6 weeks terrified of my results I would be eternally grateful.

1: After the procedure I felt fine, had a few cramps and was bloated in the evening but by teatime, did not need any painkillers. The discharge was yellow and watery until day two. I had, had tickets for a big comedy gig for my christmas present booked off with my partner for ages, I felt fine and went ahead. I felt so OK that we went shopping and ate lunch and I may have over-exerted myself. A few hours later I started to get bad cramps again and when I went to change my pad I had what (and I apologise for the grossness) looked like a big chunk of like pulled pork. It was huge and really scared me. I googled and googled and couldn’t find anything and it’s made me paranoid that I over-exerted and injured myself or something. Today I am still passing similar things, though the last one as even bigger and had a pea-sized lump of crumbly black stuff in it. It’s like something out of Alien, I’m horrified!!! Anybody got any answers? Should I be worried?

2: I haven’t had a period in probably over 2 years. I have been on the pill for a good while and have had complications with other things like cysts on my ovaries and pelvic pain, so I do tend to run packs together to avoid periods as they are so painful, anyway, I don’t have them anymore, even when I do have a break. My consultant tells me this is nothing to worry about. The bleed I have been told to expect 2-4 weeks after treatment, is this a period? do other ladies who don’t have periods, still get it? I have had no blood so far.

3:I go on holiday in 7 weeks. I am terrified. It is my dream holiday and I have been saving up for it for years. Do you think I will be OK for then? Could I be bleeding etc still? Also if I do have to cancel because of unfortunate lab results (fingers crossed) anybody had any travel insurance experience here?

4:Thank you to everybody on here for helping me cure some of my anxieties and essentially making me feel so much less alone. xx

9/05/16-HPV positive with severe dyskaryosis
10/05/16-colposcopy and LLETZ
…awaiting results

Hi Lovely!

Urgh it sounds like they left you in a spin! So much to deal with with no notice, I am not surprised you are confused! I'll try to help with some of your questions, although do try the info pages of this site as there's loads of really clear and concise info available.

1: The after effects can vary massively, but it is normal to have bleeding, clotting, an "ash" like discharge (because they use a heated loop to cut away the cells), and various other colours of the rainbow! Mine was a while ago but I remember watery brown, ash, then blood for a few weeks! It might be that you did just over exert yourself and caused more bleeding/clotting than you expected. If you are worried, call your GP or colposcopy clinic, but generally you should only be concerned if it starts to smell bad - this might be a sign of an infection and you may need antibiotics.

2: I'm the same with periods, often joining a few packs together as advised by a gynae a few years ago (even before I had cervical cancer) but it is advisable to take a break, just so you know everything is running as it should be. I had "the bleed" after about 2 weeks, and it was the same as a period (but heavier) but it came early and was during a pill pack - so I wasn't expecting anything. Then when I took my normal break from the pill, I had my normal period. I would advise this for you so that your body can clear anything out that it needs to! It just means like you may feel like your period has lasted about 2-3 weeks, which is rubbish!

3:You should be fine for your holiday! In my experience and everything I've read, the side effects go away after about 4-6 weeks, I've never heard of it lasting any longer than that. Try not to think about the results, and I'm sure you will be in need of a holiday whatever they are! 

Good luck, keep us updated, stay away from google, and take care!


Hi FrankieApples! Thank you so much for your reply. I really appreciate the advice of somebody who as been through it and it's so good to see you have fought your way through so much more too!

I don't know what I would have done wihout this forum!

My Mum had CC and when she was like errrr I don't think that's normal, I freaked! Everybody is different. Guess if I have any pain or it starts smelling a bit off I will get back in touch with Colposcopy.

Thank you!!