LLETZ surprise

Hi everyone

I went to the hospital on Tues this week thinking I was having a colposcopy but it was sprung on me that actually I was booked for a "treatment" (nails too please?!) called LLETZ. They'd written to me to tell me this but I never got the letter.  Anyway, in hindsight it was probably better I didn't know about the procedure before going and I just bit the bullet and got on with it.

I have been reading this forum for a couple of years now (but this is my first post) and wondered if anyone is in the same situation as me - all my smears are abnormal between CIN1 and CIN2, all 5/6 of them, but every time I have had a colposcopy, there is nothing to see so no treatment.  HPV has been found, but a punch biopsy has come up negative.  The decision was made to go ahead with LLETZ and I should know the results in 2 weeks time.

I'm writing on here because I haven't been able to tell anyone yet - my partner is working away (and I haven't told him so not to worry), I haven't told my family and I'm in a new job.  I felt ok after the LLETZ, went back to work but keeled over (fainted) after 2 hours! Is that because of the local anaesthetic - does any one know?

It would be great if there was someone out there who could say they had a similar experience to me with the abnormal smears but nothing to see? 


Sam x

Hi Sam,


Sorry to hear you're having such a confusing time, it must be pretty frustrating too! I haven't had the same experience but I thought I'd reply and wish you luck with your results - hopefully the LLETZ will get rid of any (seemingly evasive!) CIN cells!

I think your fainting was probably a mixture of emotions and shock etc. I definetely felt a bit ropey after my LLETZ - I didn't come back to work on that day as I felt all spaced out and I could feel some pain despite dosing myself up on ibuprofen (I'm not the best with pain, I tend to faint!) and I still felt a bit spaced out and shakey the day after (but I decided to man up and go to work - daytime TV was NOT good on the day off I had and I felt guilty for thinking about taking a day off when there wasnt technically anything wrong with me...)

I hope the LLETZ has cleared everything up for you! x x x

Hello dear!

Thank you so much for the input on the LLETZ - as I sit here at work, I'm still not A1 but I think it's more the shock of it being sprung on me more than anything which I am getting used to. Like you say, staying positive and "manning up!"


I hope all your follow up treatment (if any) goes well :-) I'm 31 by the way (I'd like to think that was nearer your age!)


Sam x

Hi Sam,

I'm glad you're feeling a bit better :) Don't feel that you have to man up though - it is ok to be a bit miserable and feel rubbish. I spent a lot of time moping around and crying! (And also walking/sitting really carefully in case I 'hurt myself'... no idea what I thought I was going to do lol) While it's good not to dwell on it, it is quite a big thing (it really got to me in my head) so don't try to play it down either :)

I've just turned 25, having a quarter life crisis! haha x x x