Colposcopy and LLETZ experience

I got my all clear this week!

Through the whole experience I have read this forum compulsively so I'd like to just post my positive outcome story for anybody out there going through similar.

I had a smear in July which came back as severe dyskaryosis. It scared the absolute crap out of me and I went into melt down for a few days. For those of you going through this now - it is not your falult. Nearly everyone who is sexually active has the HPV virus and there are many strains and it's just one of those things that some people can't fight it off as well and it ends up causing cervical cell changes. Also it can lie dormant for absolutely ages - it does not mean your partner has cheated on you. It Is nothing to be ashamed of. You're just unlucky it's developed but also very lucky its beeen flagged up. 

Everyone reacts differently to proceedures like a colposcopy. I found it more emotional than I thought and got very teary. Some people are fine with it. Don't let anyone tell you that you should feel any differently than you do - everyone copes in their own way!

It turned out to be CIN 3 for me and quite extensive so it was removed under a general anaesthetic  LLETZ. This was absolutely painless and I was lucky enough to have a very smooth, easy recovery with very little bleeding. It was like a very light period for three weeks. I read lots about passing a big clot/ scab thing after 10 days but this didn't happen for me. Again, everyone has different healing experiences. Th anaesthetic properly knocked me for 6 for a good 4 days though which I wasn't really prepared for. 

To those of your getting that letter post smear - yes it is scary, yes you are allowed to have a freak out and yes there are lots of people on this forum who can support you. Ask all the questions, have a rant when you need it and be kind to yourself. 

Jen xx



Just got my letter yesterday advising that I need LLETZ for CIN2 results, only trouble is I had spinal surgery last week and can't lie on my back at the mo, how long does the LLETZ take?? Did they only offer you it under general?? My letter says local but they will have no chance, I can't even sleep on my back never mind lie down with my legs akimbo whilst they do a procedure, and when do you stop crying?? I've just been really teary since I got my letter x

I had my lletz for cin2 last Thursday, was ridiculously crying for hours by the evening with no idea why? and since I’ve been emotional, angry, hating myself. no symptoms Other than achy type period pains, I’ve not had any bleeding as of yet either...however feels really uncomfortable to sit Down...was stuck in my car in traffic for a hour dis-evening was a absolute nightmare! just generally feeel Crap! 

Dawny, have a chat to your GP or phone colposcopy clinic about your back. I don't see any reason why they would refuse you a general as even some very nervous patientscan request a one over a local. I felt quite sorry for myself for a few days alter the procedure, definitely more emotional than any kind of physical pain... so look after yourself! 

Acc, I was emotional for a good 2 weeks after my colposcopy. I'm absolutely fine during smear tests and I'm generally quite a robust person. I think perhaps it's a mix of things. The surprise of the whole situation, the stress of being thrown into a world that you were not even aware of a few days again, the waiting ( result waiting is the worst bit!) and uncertainty about severity etc. I think it's just the perfect storm of emotional button pressers!  Do what you can to be nice to yourself. I know this sounds a bit twee but just try and do things to help take your mind off it ... have comedy movie night, treat yourself to brunch with friends... anything really. And if you are like me, read and post on these boards as they helped make me feel less alone during the whole experience.


Would just like to say thanks for posting this positive experience! I have treatment tomorrow for CIN3 (my letter says local anaesthetic) and am very nervous/scared about it so it's nice to read something encouraging. Glad you have the all clear - hopefully I'll get it too xx

I posted thinking that if it helps reassure just one person it would be worth it so I'm really pleased!

I can't really help with advice on LLETZ under a local but I send positive vibes your way for your procedure. Is anyone going with you? Take a duvet day afterwards then follow up with wine, chocolate and box sets!!