Lletz tommorow

Hi, I'm having lletz in the morning - wondering if anyone could give me some advice on what questions I should ask ??? Been having irregular bleeding after sex not all the time but when it happens it gushes.. Had swabs for chalmyida etc & they were all clear, had smear borderline cell changes -colpscooy nurse said everything looked fine & now been told cin 2/3 hpv positive / seems each time I go results are getting worse, wld a nurse tell you if she thought something was wrong ? getting more anxious each time x

Hi Laudee. I hope I haven't missed you. If i have i hope you got on ok. My situation is that i had a borderline/hpv pos smear which after a colpo/lletz came back as cin3 & cgin3. You do worry don't you. I kept thinking why has everything gone from normal to this. However, i think it's the hpv & it's cycle. Apparently it can lie dormant & just restart itself when it wants. I have now had 2 lletz & awaiting 3rd higher up but they haven't found anything nasty. Just because your results appear to be getting worse doesn't mean they actually are. I don't think they can tell you straight away if they find anything as your biopsy has to go to histology labs to be examined. It may take 4-6 weeks to get your results. It's an anxious time, & I know I couldn't rest until I had the letter. At least you are getting the lletz. The nurses will be great, reassuring & help you through it. Take the opportunity to put your feet up for the rest of the day with a cuppa, magazine & choc. I hope it goes well.

Thanks so much for the reply, made my morning tbh ! Just over think to much, I was given the impression when I had punch biopsy that no further treatment would be required. I've just got back & the colposc said she wasnt expecting the cin2/3.. Saw something to do with sil on my notes any ideas ?? Anyway thank you best wishes to you & your right I'm stuffing my face catching up on tv - LUSH :-) 


I'm afraid sil means nothing to me, but at least it's over & you can enjoy some guilt free rest lol. Like you I tend to over think things. The hospital rang me today with an appt for next week for my GA colpo. Last time I had to wait 8 weeks from letter to normal colpo so i'm overthinking...is it serious, why the urgency etc but at least i'm not being left & at least i've only got a few days of worry lol. I'm convinced my abnormalities are all the way up into my womb & i'll need a hysterctomy. This is probably not even close to the results but all the uncertainty & lack of info just sends our rational brains all scrambled. I hope you get your results soon.

I've received my results from lleetz & came back cin 2 - follow up 6 mOnths. been readingmahouts margins what are they & should I ask what mine were ?? Nothing was stated in the results.