Confused after colposcopy

I don’t really understand anything about HPV and have only just started researching it properly.

I had a colposcopy at the beginning of May and had a punch biopsy and some cells were sent for testing. The nurse didn’t indicate there was any problems just that I needed to have tests. However I have an app where I can view my medical record and I saw a letter written from the Colposcopy clinic to my gp it said that I was referred to them because my smear showed I have mild dyskaryosis with high risk HPV. It also said that examination at the colposcopy revealed CIN - high grade.

Can anybody tell me what exactly this means and what is likely to happen next? I haven’t been contacted about any test results yet but I find I am worrying a lot as I have read about the LEEP procedure and it doesn’t sound pleasant at all although I realise it is very necessary.

Hey Lara,


I have a very similar case - I have been testing negative and positive (on and off) on HPV for the past years. The doctors told me that I didn't need any treatment as my body will eventually get rid of the virus but it's been on and off for the past years.

I have been recently diagnosed with an ectropian cervix, which apparently nothing to do with HPV. However, I had silver nitrate applied to it which didn't do anything so they advise me to have a LLETZ procedure to prevent cells from re-growing which has given me some peace of mind on the topic.

I advise you call back to your GP and ask for next steps for you to follow - but rest assured the LLETZ procedure is very quick and not painful at all. I had it done last Thursday and haven't felt any pain at all so far :)

Hope that helps!