i posted this morning that I was feeling fine after the LLETZ yesterday but I've had a bad headache (feels like the beginning of a migraine) for the 2nd half of the day. I just feel crappy. I was expecting cramps or something but not this. Is this part of it or am I sick?

my treatment was for CIN3



I felt the same afterwards. Headaches and general feeling unwell and drained only lasted few days xx

Could be normal hun, I don't have a headache as of yet touch wood I don't, I'm not to sore or crampy either get some tablets and rest Hun, hope you feel better in the

morning xx 

Thanks both x yeah plenty of rest and hopefully will feel better in the morning x

I had LLETZ yesterday and have had pretty bad stomach cramps, back ache and just generally feeling crappy! I'm not sure if this is due to the LLETZ or just that time of the year when you tend to pick up bugs. 

My treatment was also for CIN 3, how are you dealing with the wait for your results?  I'm only 24 hours on and it's driving me insane haha! 


Hi..I havent really thought about it! I guess I presume it's all there a possibility it's not all gone based on the test results??! 

I think that is why you have a 6 month follow up smear?! 

Although from what I have been told it is almost 100% effective with everyone which is great! 

I've read alot about 'margins' which to be honest I haven't a clue about, I'm assuming the 'results' letter will mention that. 

I feel I've found more information on the Internet then I was told from the doctor and nurses! I suppose with them doing it day in and day out its easy to assume everyone understands what's going on! 


Yeah completely agree! They didn't tell me much in there but they were great and putting me at ease with it all..the Internet made out to procedure to be a lot worse than it was!

its weird but I'm having no bleeding or anything and I got mine done Tuesday. Does that mean it's healed or will the bleeding happen later?

ive suddlendly started bleeding claireanna, i wasnt bleeding but silly me has done to much i've been back to work and im a lash arstist and ive been picking my beauty bed up ;/ x

I bled straight away and I am still bleeding now, only like a light period so that's good. 

I assumed everyone would bleed after the procedure. 

The doctor and nurses were brilliant throughout, I also didn't think it was anywhere near as bad as I had expected.

Once it was done it was get dressed, sit for 10 minutes then go! I didn't even say goodbye to the consultant as he had already left while I was getting dressed! 

Then once I got home I found myself inundated with questions I hadn't asked haha and that's how I found this site! :-) 



Still no bleeding from me. I'm finding it weird but presuming it's fin!

I didn't bleed really to start with, my consultant said its normal to have a watery discharge and a bit of blood. If not it's not a bad thingxx

I've found myself with an infection over the weekend... Maybe my baths weren't such a good idea! 

I have a weeks worth of antibiotics so they should clear it up in a few days 

I think I might have an infection..getting black discharge but with a bad smell.?

I've heard the black discharge is part of the healing process...?! A week or two afterwards I think.  

I had bad lower stomach and back pain and an unpleasant smelly watery discharge. 

Luckily I didn't have to go into my GPS she asked me to describe my symptoms over the phone and agreed it was an infection, if it doesn't clear up in a few days I'll have to go in and have some swabs. 

If your unhappy with anything call your GP, mine was really nice about it, I explained I didn't want to go in if I didn't have to as I was obviously bleeding etc and didn't fancy getting my bits out again! Haha!