Hey guys new to this site today!

Had a LLETZ procedure yesterday and read up about it before hand , but today i am having to take the day off work! I have horrendous tummy and back ache and it hurts to even walk!! 

Has anyone else reacted like this to this procedure or am i a one off! lol

Many Thanks


Hi Boggis

I think you may have expected a bit too much of yourself. The first few days I had a lof of quite strong period pains and chomped painkillers regularly. I had naproxen which was amazing.

I have also felt really washed out and lethargic for about 2 weeks and only just started to feel a bit better.

Try and rest as much as you can and let your body repair itself. If you feel any severe pains , fever or have any concerns do check with your GP/ clinic in case you have an infection.

Hope you feel better soon


Hi boggis 

I had lletz yesterday too and was expecting to come bouncing out the hospital feeling fine. I was in bed all afternoon just feeling washed out and light headed. I had period pains in my tummy and back. I have taken today off too as I am just not up to going back I feel achy and a bit sore where I was injected I still feel a bit out of sorts in general. 

I think know we are all different and should not pressure ourselves to go back to work until it feels right.


Just to reassure anyone going for this procedure the treatment itself is no big deal or anything to get worried over. It's over in a flash :-) 

I took 2 days off work also, just didn't feel right after it. And as jellybean said, the actual procedure is very quick, you just need to make time to rest for a day or two afterwards!

Ah thank you guys it makes it more bearable knowing i was expecting too much.

Finger crossed it sorts itself soon


Jillybean I'm glad you said that lol...am going for LLETZ on Friday! Feeling very nervous! :) 

Hi Leanda

I made myself ill worrying about going for this and i promise you it really is no big deal. I was having sleepless nights over the though of the injection and i promise you all i felt was a scratch if that and it was done. The thought is so much worse than the procedure. You will be fine just expect to feel a little tired after.. i think mine has alot to do with the come down after how hyped up i have been. Be strong you will be fine.. promise!

Try and keep as calm as you can... i know this is hard, i thought i had locked myself in the toilet before i went in as my head was all over the place. You will walk out afterwards thinking i have just gone through so much building up to this an it was nothing! just to reassure i didn't smell anything burning or anything like that either. It was over so quick xx


Ditto Jill, the actual procedure is really fine and over with very quickly.

Do remember though, it is a surgical procedure so don't expect to go dancing that evening :-)


Lol thanks guys, I'm usually a pretty hardy kind of gal....I gave birth to my 4  all naturally and I think if I can do that then surely I can do this lol....I think my minds getting carried away with me! I have 4 under 4's and other than my husband no family to help...he works so am gonna have to still do usual routine! Any advice?? :) xxx

Hi leanda 

You have 4 babies! Trust me this is no big deal. I don't have any babies and I am through it xx

Haha well all went ok! :) a little bleeding and a few cramps but all in all am Soooo glad it's over! :) 

Hi Leanda

Glad it went well and you are ok. Take it easy for a few days  (if you can with 4 tiny tots!) be careful about lifting the bigger ones up for a few days