Lletz yesterday.. What now??

Had lletz treatment yesterday for cin 2 and cin 3. The procedure itself went as well as can be expected apart from them struggling to stop the bleeding which I obviously took as a bad sign!. Today I haven't had much bleeding or pain but am an emotional wreck!. I'm writing this whilst at work as I can't focus on anything else!. The consultant said my biopsy at colposcopy did not show cancer and that he didn't think what he took off was cancer either and that next thing would probably be a smear in 6 months but they obviously can't say they are 100% it isn't cc so I'm now driving myself insane with worry again!. The nurse at the lletz procedure was the one who carried out my biopsys, she has said I can ring her next Friday as she should have my results by then! Isn't that a bit soon?? The impression I'm getting from this site is the longer it takes for results the better the news will be or is she just trying to help and ease my stress sooner rather than later!. 

Hi shelley

ahhh bless you...it's such a worrying time, your so not alone! If it helps I also bled heavily. During my biopsy I also took it as a bad sign and ended up shaking in fear and in tears....the consultant didn't notice at first and carried on...but when she realised she calmed me down by saying she couldn't see anything worrying and the bleeding was probably because she nicked something. she did my lletz under GA as she was worried I would bleed again....and I did! But she wasn't worried at all and told me not to worry at all. It's been 5 weeks since my treatment, I am not due to go back until the 4th dec as she is fitting my coil again...but I am assuming all good as not heard. 

I wouldn't worry about the fact they have said they will let you know soon...in fact that's really good! I think it's may only really be something to worry about if the results come quickly out of the blue...but they won't know the results yet so I think it's maybe a standard time for where you are, the sooner the better.

take care lovely and let us know how you get on

jac xx




I think it's a good thing that they contact you as soon as possible to stop you waiting and worrying. I think results and waiting time depend completely on the clinic / hospital you are at. I was told results can take up to 6 weeks, and they took exactly 6 weeks to the day. And that was unfortunately for bad news, so I don't think waiting time reflects the result.




I had my LLETZ done on May 28th and they sent me a letter with a further appointment which was dated May 31st. I expected bad news due to the speed of the letter coming out, as well as the fact they wanted to tell me face to face. Mine was in fact nothing to worry about, CIN II and now on to 6 monthly check up's. Different NHS trusts work at different speeds and some call with results and others leave you waiting weeks for a letter. The sooner the better I say for your peace of mind. I was not advised when I would be told so the letter really freaked me out.

I hope you get good news.


Take care x