LLETZ Recovery Day 3

Hi Ladies, 

Its been a few weeks since i posted. Well on Monday 4th Nov I had my LLETZ done under general anaesthetic. The waiting for surgery was the worst but the other ladies on the ward made the wait more bearable. Woke up from surgery feeling slightly blugh but no real pain just minimal bleeding. Yesterday I was still feeling tired and slightly sore, but today Im just a bit teary :( not sure if its the antibiotics, anaesthetic or just stress but feeling like a big wimp right now. I think im just really worried what the results will be. Right from the begining ive had a gut feeling things wernt right and i still feel like that now. Anyone else been proved right about "gut feeling". Also when i first had my biopsies the colposcopist gave me a leaflet about this site and said to have a look, I just presumed it was standard practice but when talking to ladies on the ward they wernt given any info with regards to this site, kinda worried me. But personally this site has been my bible since it all started. Sorry about my rant hope this helps someone too xxx


Hi happyfeet,

I'm new here and in similar situation to you. Had severe abnormalities, referred for colposcopy and had Lletz treatment there and then for suspected CIN3. I want told at the time I should be expecting results but now I know I am, we can wait together!

I also had a bad feeling like you, but the longer time goes on without receiving results I'm getting more and more confident! my Lletz was carried out last Monday.

I wouldn't read too much into her giving you this site for reference, I think we all find it eventually with research. how are you for pain now? I'm still struggling, although I have an infection Frown  got some antibiotics so hopefully should start easing off soon.

hope your doing ok xxx

Hi ladies,


I am 9 days post LLETZ that was carried out under GA, large abnormal area and severe. I had a really bad feeling from that first abnormal letter. My wait is over next Tues which for me has put me in a complete panic. My letter was sent out on the Friday following treatment on the Monday. I could be reading too much into it but it all seems a bit quick. The longer waits for results seem to be better results from what I have read in the forums?


Sammy it looks like we were treated on the same day and you have heard nothing yet? We can't win either way, quick response makes us panic and waiting is horrible too.


I am having for very emotional days which is very out of character for me. I still ache, am fed up of the bleeding and am stressing about my period which is due very soon. Keep reading about periods from hell following LLETZ :(


Take care ladies x


Hi Sammy And Camaraz

Thanks for posting :) I do hope all goes well with your appoitment next week Cameraz. Its hard not to worry and think the worst but us women cant help but expect the worse case sinario. The good thing about this site is that we can all relate to how we are all feeling, nothing worse than knowing exactly when you will find out your results but I do wish you all the best for them :)

For me today Im pain free just a little mild cramp but no biggy. Just still feeling drowsy but the antibiotics are said to do that. Ive heard a lot of women experience heavy periods after LLETZ but not sure if this will happen to me as they removed my Mirena during surgery and put a new one in straight away and ive not had a period since feb.

I do hope your infection clears up soon Sammy, nothing worse having to deal with that aswell as the stress of waiting for results. Let me know how you get on!

Please let me know how you both get on 


Hi ladies,

I am also on day 3 following the LLETZ treatment (referred to me as Loop Biopsy) for CIN3

I was not offered GA, I had it under LA...

I was feeling extremely tearful on the day, during and after. This settled a bit on Day 1 recvoery and now, Day 3 I feel ok, just extremey anxious while I wait for results which I have a feeling will be bad news also, trying to stay positive but somedays it is very hard.

I will let you all know when my results come through

Good Luck everyone xx

Hi runningtails85,

Thanks for sharing :) I think we are all feeling very worried but we are all here to support each other. I cant imagine what it must feel like having the procedure done under LA but it must be very distressing. I do hope you dont wait too long for your results and please keep us all updated on how things go with yourself. I do hope those of us who feel that strange "gut feeling" are proved wrong. 

I hope you start to feel better soon, sharing your feelings on here really helps.

Take care and good luck xxx

I wonder why I wasn't offered GA??

I'm from Newcastle - perhaps they think that if we can go out with no coats on in winter we must be 'hard' lol (just kidding)

Thank you for your kind words Happy Feet, good luck everyone xx

As somebody who has experienced LLETZ with a local and a general I can honestly say I prefered having it done under local. Yes the needles hurt, all four of them but the nurses were great and really reassuring, where as on the day case ward this was not the case at all. I think I had longer to recover after the local, I was not rushed at all. I also had a failed cannula attempt and extensive brusing having the general.

I love talking to people on here as we can all relate to how we are feeling. We all have the same anxieties and stresses and nobody here tells you that you are being irrational. I am so fed up of people (who are trying to help I know) saying that I will be fine. I might not be fine, I am not just being paranoid but I bloody hope I am fine.

I am feeling sick to my stomach waiting for my results, as I am sure you all are. I am not sure if it helps or not having a date. I was quite relaxed about it all until I got a dreaded letter just a week after treatment. This site has helped keep me sane since.

Fingers crossed for us all x




I had it under LA and it's not half as bad as you'd expect. I didn't even feel the injections let alone the treatment itself and my entire appt lasted less than 30 mins. Had to wait another 30 mins to check me over before I could leave and that was that! Pleasant surprise as I didn't like the colposcopy/biopsies at all! :) hope your results come back ok (and quickly) everyone x

hi ladies,

glad you're not in any pain happy feet, other than the pain of waiting for results.

I wasn't offers GA either running tails, but I'm wirth  camaraz, I would prefer LA, coming around from GA feeling drousey makes me feel ill just thinking about it! lol I'm like you keep trying to stay positive, but there is always that 'what if' inthe back of your mind.

hi camaraz, so have you had 2 Lletz procedures? what did your letter say for your appointment? strange as ive seen most women on here get all kinds of news (good or bad) in their initial letter? I'm with you all the people saying 'you'll be fine'  I know they are trying to help but it makes you feel a little like a hypochondriac! lol

I'm feeling a lot more positive today, I think my results will be fine! still watching the post man like a hawk though! ha.

not sure how to set my summary up at the bottom of my posts but he's my situation..

first smear - 25yrs old - husband and 2 children 5yrs and 2yrs (girls) - high grade abnormalities - colposcopy & Lletz treatment for suspected CIN 3 on 28th Oct - awaiting results

keep positive ladies! I'm spreading the good vibes today.. it's Ssomeone else's turn tomorrow xxxxxx

sorry boop! didn't see your post there! glad your Lletz wasn't too traumatic, mine was ok to other than me nearly fainting when they administered the LA (embarrassing) just some bad cramping during the treatment, had a finger nail sized amount removed apparently and they think they got it all! hope your next follow up goes well! xxx

Hi Sammy,


My letter is very vague, just that a further appointment has been made. I am expecting they want to do some further treatment, whether they have not got it all or something more sinister? After my first LEETZ I had a similar letter and I went on to have further treatment. Do people really get bad news via a letter? I have had LLETZ twice but the first lot under LA was minimal, more to confirm what he expected as he so nicely put it. Never actually said what he expected and I was too scared to ask. At my next appointment he just booked me in to have the rest removed under GA. He told me during my first treatment that the area was too large to remove under LA so I wasn't surprised. 

I have had lots of cramping since my second treatment. I was fine after the first round. Feeling quite crappy, tired, emotional, very snappy. I work solo night shifts too so have felt very isolated. Brave face at home so I do not stress the family and nobody to let steam off to at work. Again, thank heavens for this site Smile

Ah, so I am not the only one who had it under LA - To be fair, as it was only a short appointment, given the choice, I would have chosen LA anyway buit its nice to be asked Tongue Out

Boop - you must be hard as nails, I felt all the needles but the most painful part was the speculum for me, I am a very small lady in all ways, shapes and form and she just shoved this massive one in and now I am in agony from the trauma she caused!

Apart from the cramp, I have felt no pain at all from the cervix work, just purely the damage from the speculum! lol



I had both mine under local as well! Agreed about the speculum, and my cervix always seems to to go into hiding so they have to poke around to find it (lol)

Last week he had to adjust the chair so my feet were higher in the air - you have to laugh its so undignified!

Also waiting for my results


hi ladies,

how are we all doing today? I've started my antibiotics and feeling so much better. no pain at all now, just still some swelling.

still no letter for me, but I'm reading that they usually take 3weeks so should be expecting them next week sometime.

I'm still feeling positive, hope you guys are too!

Sam x

Hi sam and all the other ladies that have commented. 

Glad you are starting to feel much better although be careful on the antibiotics they sent me loopy lol. Ive just finished my course of them an i was not compos mentis  at all lol.

Feeling more positive today, ive been up an down about results and that "gut feeling" i had has now become more positive. Hopefully a good sign :)

I do hope you are not waiting much longer for your results, but be assured we are all here waiting patienty beside you.  

Take care xx

Hi ladies

Well my wait is almost over now. I have been getting steadily more anxious so I had a lovely short break at the coast this weekend.

Glad to hear you are feeling positive. On the whole, the majority of ladies get good news following LLETZ.

Keep smiling x

Hi Cameraz,

Not sure if Ill get chance to come on here later but im wishing you all the best positive wishes for tomorrow. Let us know how you get on we will all be thinking about you :)

keep smiling Smile


HappyFeet xxx

good luck for tomorrow camaraz! xxx 

Thanks ladies,

Fingers and toes crossed, and we are all crossing our legs too.....not that we have much choice in the matter!! hahaha

Period from hell as arrived so I hope he doesn't want a look Embarassed

I shall let you know, and I hope to keep the positive vibes going for the ones that are still waiting xx