ouchiiiieeeeeee :(

Hi ladies had lletz 3 weeks ago and started feeling pretty rough bout week ago...went to docs few days ago I have uti, lletz infection and skin infection down there...im in so much pain I could cry :( has anyone else had all this at same time I feel so fed up xx

Hi, I hope you will be feeling better soon.   I felt similiar but it was about a week after the lletz procedure.  I also had a dragging feeling, i managed to get an emergency appointment though the female doctor i saw was not very sympathetic, but gave me some antibiotics for 5 days which did the trick! Hopefully you have some antibiotics.  I am finding the waiting time for results the hardest.  Take care x


23/08/13 smear borderline changes HPV+  8/10/13 colposcopy and biopsies - Cin 3 3/12/13 colposcopy and Lletz procedure - awaiting results

Sorry to hear you are feeling so rough. It's rotten to be in pain at any time but at this time of year it is even more miserable when you don't feel up to joining in the festivities.

Hope it gets better soon. Big hug. x



Thanks ladies and yes have a weeks worth of antibiotics to hopefully shift it all..and yup waiting for biopsy results is drivin me crazy :( x