Had LLETZ yesterday from CIN3

hi all had Colposcopy followed by CIN3 results in smear and LLETZ yesterday. I must say I was utterly petrified but it really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Said 6/8 wks for results. Can anyone tell me is this something that clears up and goes away or am I likely to need more treatment considering the severity. I had no warning signs.


thanks emma


i must say it's been most comforting being able to read others stories etc.

Hi Emma

i have the same questions as you but no answers i am afraid. I am in the same boat as you however - CINIII and I had my LLETZ last weds (5th). As I left the hospital, they gave me a telephone appointment for my results - 5.20pm on September 1st. I wasn't concerned at first but now I feel a bit nervous. I just dont fancy having to go through it again....not so much the procedure but 9 days on I am sick of having to wear pads :-) . Hope it all turns out well for you xxxx

hey Emma i had mine yesterday too... dont think he used enough anesthetic cos it bloody hurt lol! i get my results in 4-6 weeks too so just waiting on that... how you finding it now? iv had no bleeding whatsoever just some vinegar stuff coming out sorry if TMI lol... maybe this is calm before the storm? 


Ruby xx

Hi all

I had LLETZ too yesterday! Must have been the day for it! How are you feeling today? I've had no bleeding either yet but am feeling very sore and also quite down. I'm assuming this is normal? They said results should be 3-4 weeks 

Sending hugs


hi  :)

the only way i can discribe it is that someone has stamped on my pelvis just feels so sore i had treatment for CIN3 think they removed quite abit ... was scared to go to the toilet this morning incase the pressure really hurt haha!!!

took the day off work today and sitting in and watching cheesy movies!! 

Zero bleeding today just the occasional bit of yellowy water (gross sorry haha)  down there atm but tbh im just laying on the sofa barely moving :)