After LLETZ procedure how long?

Hi everyone , just wondering if any of yous could answer my question. Im wondering how long yous waited after having a LLETZ procedure to go swimming or even have a quick soak in the bath tub ? Im 2 weeks post LLETZ under GA , Thankz in advance xx

Hi @Tracy

General advice is to wait upto 4 weeks or until the after effects (discharge, bleeding etc) have subsided before we can do these things

"What can and can’t I do after LLETZ?

You may have some physical effects after LLETZ. These usually last up to 4 weeks. Until these have stopped, it is best to avoid:

  • tampons or menstrual cups – you can use a period pad instead
  • penetrative vaginal sex – including fingers, tongues and other objects
  • heavy exercise that causes you to sweat, such as running or a gym workout
  • swimming
  • long baths – you can continue to shower as normal."


Hiya @Tinkerbelle29 , thanks for the info lovely. I know what was recommended im kind wondering has anyone been able to before the 4 weeks or even if the discharge / bleeding has stopped have they still waited the 4 weeks. Im a big bath lover & its really getting to me that i cant have a soak. It was my escape if ya know what i mean.

But thanks so much again for your reply & the info you shared xx

I know exactly what you mean hun, i love my baths and i found not being able to have one after i had mine the worst part of my LLETZ recovery lol everything for me stopped at the 4 week mark so i just had to wait but i would have killed for one lol xx

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It was my thing & its driving me mad that i cant have one :see_no_evil: heres to hoping im the same as you & it all stops around the 4 week mark @Tinkerbelle29 , thanks so much for sharing with me. I hope your well xx

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