Bath after LLETZ?

I had LLETZ done yesterday under GA, everything went well.

I've seen a few posts saying they were told by the doctor not to bathe for 4 weeks. My letter says no swimming but nothing about a bath?

I don't have a shower in my house, only a bath so I dont know what to do? I had a stripwash when I came home from hospital as I felt icky but I just want a bath. If I dont use any soaps in the water and wash my hair in the sink afterwards will I be okay or will I still be at high risk of giving myself an infection?


Thanks for any replies x

Hi lovely, I had a bath the night after my colpos and LLETZ (I had 1cm x2cm removed) and I was fine. That was three weeks ago and I’ve mostly showered since with maybe three baths at various point. Xx I’ve been ok xx

I can’t answer your question (sorry!) but im following this as I’m due to have lletz for high grade cgin under GA on Monday and baths are one of my favourite things, especially when I have tummy ache or period pain, so it’s a question I want to ask the dr. 

Can I ask how you’ve felt since the procedure? I have no idea what to expect in terms of pain or recovery after it’s done. 



Hi there I had my procedure done wednesay ! - things aren’t too bad pain wise - I am resting as much as possible and trying to be positive ! I am finding the waiting for biopsys most difficult but these chat room are helping me - as I don’t feel quiet so alone x x 

Hey, I had the lletz on Wednesday and I asked if I was allowed to bath. She said yes but not to lay in there for ages, so just a quick one. Xx