Bath after lletz?

Well I eventually had my colposcopy and lletz today. Bit of conflicting advice though, on forums people have said 4 weeks for a bath but today she said I can have a bath as long I use no bubble bath? Just wondering if anyone has had a bath or not??

hi, hope your feeling ok after your lletz.

I was told not to bath for four weeks, I left it nearly four weeks until I had a bath, although I really wanted a bath I just stuck with showers 


Hi, yes same with me got told 4 weeks, hope you are both recovering well

kerry x

hi kerry, thank you. hope your ok xx

Ive had a bath today and its my first one since i had LLETZ exactly 3 weeks ago. On the leaflet i got it said shower rather than baths for four weeks but ive missed a bath so much xx

That's what I was told before today and the Dr said no no its fine as long there's no bubbles so I was rather confused.

I'm feeling surprisingly well, it was no way near as bad as I was expecting it to be. I've got a tiny bit of blood and a bit of period cramp and that's it for now. 

Another thing that seemed different was I thought after the lletz you then have to have 6 monthly smears followed by yearly but she said it's changed, I'll have 1 smear in 6 months and if that's clear it goes back to 3 years? Has anyone been told this recently? 

I was told in the hospital I could bath the next day as long as I didn't use bath products. This was a relief as I felt really fluey with aching limbs so bath really helped. I did get an infection but GP assured me this was not due to bathing.