Bathing after colposcopy and lletz??

Hey ladies,

Does anybody have any thoughts on whether it is advisable to take a bath after having a colposcopy and lletz treatment?

I think I read somewhere that you are just supposed to shower, but I'm not sure anymore.

Any experiences or advice welcome :) xxxxxxx 


I had my LLETZ on Tuesday and the consultant told me not to have a bath for two weeks.



I was told 4 weeks! Better safe than sorry.

Molly x

I was told I can bath as normal but to leave it a few days. I had one about 10 days later, I didnt put any bubbles in the bath but I did wash my hair. I was fine but if you're concerned then maybe leave out any bubbles, shampoo etc. I may be thinking a bit crazy but I think the bath gave me a bit of a "clear out", if you catch my drift.

Thank you everyone.


I think I will leave it a while just to be safe. Obvs going to shower though :)