Bath after LLETZ?

Hi all I had a LLETZ procedure done 6 days ago, read online I could bath after two days. I had a quick bath tonight, had no bleeding before but now I have got some light red bleeding and I can feel a few cramps, I was on last week when I had the procedure done so can’t be a period. Will it be ok? 

Hey, I was told no baths for 4 weeks after LLETZ. It has been 5 weeks since mine and I still haven't had one but thats just me being overly cautious.

The reason is so that you don't get an infection but I got an infection anyway so I think it's just luck of the draw. 

If you notice a bad smell then it could be an infection so keep an eye on it. But from my experience, light bleeding and cramps are quite normal after LLETZ. xxx