LLETZ Bleeding 2 weeks post

Hello! I had the Lletz procedure don’t under local anesthetic exactly two weeks today. I was due on my period the day of my lletz but it did not come, around 4 days later I had very heavy bleeding for around 5 days but I am assuming this was my normal period. Since then I have had to wear a pad as I have had lots of discharge with a yellow/brown colour to it. I went back to the gym (boot camp with cardio and weights) on Monday and Tuesday and had one slight fresh blood spotting after each session. I didn’t go to the gym today but I have just been to the loo and when I wiped it was fresh red blood. Is this normal? 14 days post? Do I need to stop at the gym? Should I call the doctor?

Thank you!

Hi @TLee

It seems as though you have done too much too soon, the after effects from a LLETZ usually last upto 4 weeks so we are usually told to avoid any heavy lifting/workout activities and take it easy until the discharge stops… for some even just doing the housework and looking after their little ones turn out to strainious, its easier said than done especially when the gym is our safe havens but its probably best to avoid the gym until you are healed

"What can and can’t I do after LLETZ?

You may have some physical effects after LLETZ. These usually last up to 4 weeks. Until these have stopped, it is best to avoid:

  • tampons or menstrual cups – you can use a period pad instead
  • penetrative vaginal sex – including fingers, tongues and other objects
  • heavy exercise that causes you to sweat, such as running or a gym workout
  • long baths – you can continue to shower as normal.

If you have any questions about what you can and can’t do after LLETZ, speak with your colposcopist."


Thank you for replying. It’s so hard because I have read so much conflicting advice. The leaflet I was given afterwards said avoid heavy exercise 24-48 hours but other ones I have read online go as far as 4 weeks. I also have a long haul flight in two weeks time and want to be better for that!