Conflicting After-Care Advise

Hi Forum! 


I feel the need to express my frustration with the conflicting aftercare advise we all seem to receive post Lletz treatment. It’s so confusing isn’t it?

Some people are told not to bath for 4-6 weeks post treatment, some are told 2 weeks. Some are told that a shower is ideal but if not possible a bath is fine! No tampons for 2 weeks, no tampons for 4 weeks. Some women are told no gym for 6 weeks post Lletz, I was told I could return to the gym the week following Lletz if I felt fine. Arrrhhhhh!!! 

I googled (uh-oh) post lletz treatment and it seems that every hospital up and down the country have very differing advice. But they’re all NHS Hospitals, I don’t understand.


I will follow the advise I was given from the consultant who performed my Lletz as that seems the most sensible option. But it’s strange that women on the forum who have had a very similar treatment for a very similar cin grading can be given such different advise!

Ahhhhhh xxxx

One thing iv learnt from this site & looking at other people's experiences is that all hospitals seem to do things differently! 

Not great for us who want to know a whats what! 

Id go on the advise you was given & listen to your own body. 


Hiya, yes I would go with the advice you were given and listen to your own body

some people have a rough time after their treatment others don't seem too 



I know what you mean. I was given one leaflet before and  a sheet of info after. One states, no baths for 4 weeks and the other says bath or shower as normal.

I'm sticking to my baths, just not putting  any bubbles etc in and seeing how I go. Baths are so comforting for me when I'm feeling sore and achy (just came on my period now as expected three days after lletz).

But both say no tampons or sex for four weeks. And the consultant must've told me about ten times extra 'no sex' like I look like a nymphomaniac haha....