Advice sought

Hi I’ve just been invited for another colposcopy, this will be the third year in a row. I haven’t had the results letter from my smear but guessing it’s the same as before which said I had HPV with low grade dyskardia. I am very worried about it as each time I’ve been I just seem to be sent away with a let’s wait and see attitude. Should I be pushing for a biopsy this time?

Hi @Suz

If the smear does come back as the same, as youve had persistant low grade dyskaryosis/changes, they may offer one anyways or they may even offer to remove it this time around

Low grade changes/CIN1 isnt seen as a true precancer as it most often than not does go away on its own… however in cases where there is a persistance of this grade when its been x amount of time they can offer to remove them

If it was me i would push for a biopsy if nothing else, without a biopsy they are only making an educated guess with a visual inspection, although it does usually match up with what a biopsy would have stated, a biopsy is our true diagnosis, in my personal opinion if treatment is offered, a LLETZ may be too OTT for minor abnormalities there are other treatment options like cryo, laser, silver nitrate that id ask them if they have them available (unless they need to do it for suspected glandular changes but when its just for treatment imo its too much) xx

Thanks smear has come back the same, and yes I think I will push for biopsy as it’s worrying every year just being told to have another one in a years time! I know it’s only minor but I’d rather something was done. *

Oh yeah 100%, i didnt mean it as “oh no no dont get the LLETZ” if they did offer removal, i just meant that there are other treatment options that would be less invasive and have less recovery times

If they are still more inclined to give you a follow up instead of a punch biopsy or a LLETZ/other treatments to remove them, its just their recommendation you can advocate for yourself and insist on them doing more than just monitoring, you may need to push for it as alot of the times they can have the “i know best attitude” and they may still just do as they please, but as you say its better than the constant anxiety it brings… unfortunately though as the virus has caused changes, even having them removed, you would still need to be monitored with smears until you test negative for HPV xx