Advice please


i had a colposcopy under GA 8 weeks ago. I called the clinic today to see if I had my results and apparently they only got them back on Monday. She advised me she couldn't give results over the phone and that I would get a letter with the results. My question is would I have heard sooner if it was bad news? I can't understand why it's taken nearly 8 weeks for my results to come back. I'm terrified that something is wrong and I could have been having treatment weeks ago. Anyone gone through something similar?

Thanks Emma

Hi Emma

Try not to worry, waiting times seem to vary from place to place and yours does seem quite long.

It seems to be typical that they won't give the results over the phone. This is probably in large part because the person you get to speak to is your consultant's secretary and she's not a doctor so not allowed to discuss anything with you.

If it's any consolation, most of the ladies who have had bad news and/or unclear margins from the LLETZ treatment have been called in for an appointment to discuss the results. I would take the fact that they have received yours and are merely writing to you to inform you of the results as a good sign :-)

hope that helps